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Some how Fling got my email address and made a free account for their site. I have never used this site and would never. I think this site is deplorable. How they got my email address is suspect in itself but making an account and then sending me emails is something entirely different. My relationship has suffered due to this sites low practices. The only thing that saved me is when it signed me up, I was in bed with her. They did not use my right zip code or birthday and the email was not validated either. With all these pieces of evidence together, my girlfriend was able to reasonably deduce that I was telling the truth. Then when I tried to delete the account, there was no delete button. I emailed the support but never received a response. I am a business owner who's name and rep is worth its weight in gold so I can't afford to let this lye. I am pursuing legal action against global personals as you read this.

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  • Ko
      Feb 03, 2012

    You are so right, this piece of ### site signed me up as well. Im not digging this! I did a forgot password to see what was going on and those ###s really sent me a password! They should be sued in Class Action LawSuit and tooken down permanantly!

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  • Gl
      Sep 07, 2012

    Having been referred to this complaint by some people can I make it clear that Global Personals neither own nor operate

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  • Ch
      Nov 13, 2013

    i jus found out i was on this site and did not no how do i get off of it odid not sign up for any of it

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  • Yo
      Jan 22, 2014

    I just seen this in my husbands email and am madder than crap at him, he swears he didn't sign up for it but I don't believe him! He just left for 3 days to go out of town and I am not speaking to him because of it ! These sex sights really mess people's relationships up .

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