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England, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Review updated: provably fakes search results, implying pretty girls are waiting for you in your geographic area. For example, their opening page shows a list of pretty girls under the title Search Results, and today includes a "Beth" in United Kingdom. Beth is listedwith a picture of the back a pretty young girl. Since I had already paid and signed up I can search by username and find that the only "Beth" userid in the uk is actually a male (probably a nice chap, but I'm looking for girls!).

This isn't someone elses website making a mistake with their own photos - this is a test I can do against fling's own front page and it stinks - it's fraudulent in my opinion and they have taken money under false pretences.

Avoid this site unless you want to get ripped off.

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  • Sa
      Nov 29, 2008

    I don't want to mention the dating service I used but I was scammed big time, 3 different men. I really was not scammed by the last two I learned my lesson from the first one.

    He had me send him clothes, shoes, and such. It was about 600.00 worth of stuff, but that didn't count them money it took me to send it to where he was. Gave me a sad story of how he was a person who lived in N.J. and he had to go to Africa about his business and got mugged. I guess I was very lonely that would only be the reason I could account for me doing what I did. Anyway I had this guy checked out by a Det. I knew with all of the addresses I had and there was no such person.

    He promised me this and that, sent me 2 dozens roses, bears and more flowers and another bear. What woman wouldn't want to get these things.

    Found out it was one of those African con artist group. Two or 3 others tried to do about the same thing, they would call me and you know they all sounded the same and they were suppose to be from different places.

    I tried other dating lines and met some nice guys from closer to where I lived at the time. But I am now with a man I met and we have been together for about 6 or 7 months now. So there are some good guys left out there. Just watch your p's and q's is all I have to say. Check people out. These scam groups will trade off and give to someone else later also.

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  • Zr
      Jan 23, 2009

    First off, i want to say that i'm not someone that advocates these dating sites and the times i've been on them i never really intended to used them to meet anyone, (mostly just to look at the hot pics). but i have heard horror stories about people getting douped like Sara above (sob story asking help with relationship offer attached, etc, etc.)

    form what i've heard this is the kind of thing that is common on these online dating sites, but they are also common in the real world off the net relationships to. dont feel like your the only one thats been scammed or that its the internet aspect that screwed you over.

    If anything you should realize one thing, its not the site that is on there to scam you. these sites are actually there so we lonely people might have a chance to find someone. not to say they dont want to make a quick buck from it, but the main scam they have is they lour you to there sight with flashy advertising and sexually suggestive material making oyu think this is the only way you can meet anyone, when you could just go take a nice walk or go shopping and meet someone in your area. Personally, as a man i would be exsatic if a atractive women walked up to me and said, "Hi, my names XXXX< whats your's. care to take me out for lunch." Maybe i'm a doup and would take the girl out and buy her food and not get anything out of it but a 15-20 minute convo with a girl that is just using me for a free meal but you never know, shrug.

    Well, in close, I meet my current gf on one of these sites. I wasn't even looking for a gf. or i should say i didn't exspect to get one from the sight, but i payed for it on a promotion for a year and ended up getting a lot of junk, but in the end i also got a mail from my gf who i hit it off with. we have now been together for 7 years (not married yet, but we might as well be)... not to say that your going to get that real person that's not out there to scam you, but if you look for it you might find a realtionship that will work out just like you would in the real world. only diffence is you can meet alot of people online vs the few that happen to be in the market when you go shopping/man hunting .

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  • Ni
      Apr 24, 2014

    Does anybody know how to contact the UK customer services for this site, as I have been informed they have a profile set up using my picture and offering 8 other photos rated r- x rated which I have not authorised. I didn't even know this site existed until i was recognised which has caused me a great deal of embarrassment. I have emailed the company but received no help and was given a contact number that is not a UK number, any help would be appreciated.

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