FlightHub.combad service/sudden flight changes

I booked a flight with FlightHub back in October when the prices were cheap from Victoria to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, where I then rented a house for myself and my partner at some expense. Nine days ago, I received an email from FlightHub that my itinerary has changed and I am responsible for calling Delta to find out what it was changed to. A little annoyed that this was my responsibility, but ce la vie I thought. After I did so, I was then told by Delta that the changes were not major and I needed to have my ticket re-issued by my travel agent -- a firm based in Montreal. After calling this company, they then redirected me to FlightHub to reissue the ticket, saying FlightHub had all responsibility for the ticket once it had been sold through them. So far, a little annoying, but still fine. Then I called FlightHub who told me after two confusing phone calls that my connections would no longer work and Delta had no choice but to CANCEL my ticket for a full refund. That was the only option. All other flights around the same time were booked. This seemed incredibly unjust (as I had rented a place down there, taken time off work, etc) and so I called Delta to confirm that they in fact couldn't do anything. In fact, they could. They put me on an earlier Alaska Airlines flight so everything would work. I was then to call back FlightHub to have my ticket re-issued, only to have them tell me there was a problem with another connection. They didn't offer to call Delta to deal with it. So once again, back to Delta, who tell me the agents at FlightHub don't know what they are talking about, and the connections are fine. Back to FlightHub for another hour-long phone call on hold. The agent will not take my word that the connections are fine and interrupts me several times during the conversation. Generally condescending attitudes throughout my experience with FlightHub staff. After asking her to call Delta to sort it out, it is finally sorted out. 4 hours later -- too much time wasted and not worth the money spent on the ticket. Terrible customer service and bad business practice. FlightHub should sort out these issues directly with the airline, not force the customer to spend hours on the phone armed with only misleading and inaccurate information from their staff.

Dec 14, 2014

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