Flighthubcancel and update ticket for an emergency medical situation

I have an emergency in a medical situation and I would like to know how to fix that without paying so much for it. I would also like to be informed to where the feedback is. my son is having a kidney remove and I need to update my ticket but they want to charge me 1, 3050.00 for this this is crazy what can I do to resolve this matter . my flight is on 5/22/17 but my son surgery is on 6/1/17 he is a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down he will have his surgery Indianapolis, IN, at the IU transplant hospital. my trip is to go to turkey to see family but dew to the situation of my son having surgery that i would have to update my ticket to june . please if you can help me in this time of need .
[protected] Urology-Oncology dr kaimakliotis"s [protected].My son doctor

sincerely Barbara Usak

May 17, 2017

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