Flight Centre / Not informed of all my options

Surrey, BC, Canada

I booked an all inclusive vacation package through the local flight centre. I was not informed however about a price drop guarantee that Sunwing offers.

The next day when i saw the advertising, i called up the travel agent to ask her about it.
She told me that she believes it has to be purchased at the time of the booking. She said she would see what she could do and call me back. (Still waiting for the call back). I called the customer relations hot line to complain. The lady told me it is up to the customer to tell the employee what they want.

I said, if i the customer have to do all the leg work, why do i need flight centre?

After this experience, the answer is YOU DON'T!!!

Research your trip online, book it yourself an save yourself the trouble of dealing with flight centre.

Aug 05, 2014

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