Fitness 19 / harassment and, bullying fraud and abuse.

Orange, CA, United States
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We signed up for membership over 2 years ago in 2014. Then I became employed part-time. Then I obtained full time employment elsewhere and informed manager Brian Martin of my schedule and he said "no problem we can work with that." Gym Manager, Brian Martin is a bully to employees. After forcing me out of employment, he said that I could maintain membership. I signed up for a 3 year plan and was told that I could make payments toward the $350. I have been making payment, $150 so far. I go to this gym every single day. Lately he has become increasing hostile to me as a patron of the gym, and harassing me in front of other patrons to pay up or leave. Whenever I remind him of the arrangement that had been made he becomes angry and condescending to me in front of other patrons and employees of the gym. Then he said he would charge my mother's card for the balance, even though he does not have the authorization to do so. I feel that this manager, Brian Martin, is a liability to this location and I'm concerned that he has access to people's personal information that he would use it and abuse it. At this time I want to request that this manager, Brian Martin be investigated for bullying and harassment, and credit card fraud as well and let go from his position of manager. I have witnesses to the the fact.

Aug 04, 2016

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