Fitness 19 / gym

Murrieta, CA, United States

Be careful with this company. They have unfair billing practices and they're sneaky. I put my boyfriend on my account. Around feb/mar of 2017 I told them in person that we were moving and to close my account. He said I would not receive an April bill because I gave them plenty of notice. But I got automatically billed for $12.95 in April. I called and ask them what happened and they said my boyfriend was still on the account. I said well I cancelled my account so how could this be?. He said my boyfriend was separate. I told them that they never billed separately. I just had one account. I don't know anything about two different accounts. I told them that he should have been cancelled at the same time. I was told they would take care of it. Then in May another $12.95 was taken out of my account. I called again. There's a new owner there and he says I have to come in in person. I said I was already there in person and someone goofed and he said he'd take care of it. Then in June another $12.95 take it out of my account. By now I'm pretty mad so I went down there and physically told them to take him off of the account and close it out. This was in June and the 30 notice applies so I still have to pay all the way through July because of the 30 day notice. They will not admit that they goofed up. So I'm charged for my boyfriend for April, May, June, July but cancelled in march. What a scam. Be sure when you cancel to specifically include everyone tied to your account. It's wrong what they did

Jun 27, 2017

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