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First National Collection Bureau Inc / No scam

1 NV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 775 322 0444

To all you debtors that try to make a collection agency sound like a scam, Fncb has settled my visa debt pennies to the dollar and have just checked my credit and was able to buy my house. You people waste your time complaining about debts you know you owe. If you didn't you would be sharing all of the details of your calls with the public. So pay your bills eaven if their past your stats of limitations because you borrowed the money and were aware of interest so quit trying to sound like a victim and get working on that horrible credit score, that's why the economy is where it is.

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  • Ba
      1st of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    To HonestlySadly, thank you for your post. To everyone else, did you know that there are "complaints" and "[redacted]s" on practically every company in the U.S.? And, have you given any thought as to why all Debt Collection companies get the most complaints across the board? It's few and far between when we actually get compliments...but you're never hear those...

    I am currently an employee of FNCB and proud of it. I have excelled in all areas of customer service during my working experience and am appalled by your complaints. If people would just own up to their moral and ethical debt obligations, we wouldn't be asking you to pay for your debt. You'd be surprised of the number of calls we get stating it's an old credit card debt so not gonna pay...NOT GONNA PAY?!?!? I wish I was in line with you when they were giving out free credit cards where you didn't have to pay, including interest, penalties and fines!! And, yes, we do get the calls when we have wrong numbers; and the foul language and yelling and screaming we get just to remove your number because we happen to call the wrong number?!! Where's your manners, America. Maybe if you come across like a normal human being, you'll get the same treatment?!? Just a thought. In closing, please know that we are not the low-life, "why don't you get a real job" debt collectors that the public and media portray us to be - they give debt collections a bad rap.

  • Ra
      15th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Thank you to the comments above. I had my bills paid off with the help of numerous FNCB agents. I have nothing bad to say but that I am happy with the way the agents hold themselves at FNCB. I know you must talk to a ton of people on a daily basis. I respect what you all do and appreciate your business. The ones who don't pay their bills, is their fault...don't let it get to you agents. Everyone on the other end of the phone, please realize that these are people just like you and I . They have bills and possibly debts too. They are doing their job to pay off what they need to. I'm sorry but bums make so much money that the excuse, "I don't have a job, " is ridiculous! Treat others the way you want to be what you should tell yourself at least three times a day. Learn to respect and pay your bills. You put yourself in this position, don't get mad at the people who are doing their job to not be where you are at.

  • Ru
      4th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    It's a zombie debt collectors buying debts discharged for like 1 cent or less on the dollar.

    Just ignore these firms. The debt had been discharged and is usually off your credit record.

    Really such firms should not be legal in the United States.

    There is noone who benefits except for these profit takers.


  • Br
      3rd of Nov, 2014
    +2 Votes

    if you live near by First National Collection. i would for sure make a visit to them. these people are just an average joe making a salary for not really knowing whats going on. prying on gullible people to pay. also some of the fake comments on this site are not from real people thats stating FNC helped them. its their own employees! so, the SOL is set by your state for a reason. TOTALLY ethical. its called Hardship. use your rights and dont let any of these scam collectors make you pay for something they dont even own. the only thing they own is the OLD write offs or closed accounts that the original creditor already collected from write offs. they buy your account from other collectors from pennies on a dollar and try to turn around to make a profit. PERIOD! Think about it. if they said you owe a certain amount of money they claim you owe and then turn around and offer a 60 to 80% discount??? ive noticed by watching a few Youtube videos of many other scam collectors on how they actually work inside the office. (made by actual ex-collectors that quit). they have been brainwashed to thinking what they do for a living, is legal and legit. with you living in the same town, you'd probably be surprised of who you may know that works there. i'd love to see their face expressions! lol

  • An
      7th of Nov, 2014
    +2 Votes

    FNCB is a complete scam. I had a Directv account years ago and ended service with them owing me a $.65 credit. To my surprise I received a letter in the mail stating that I owed $456.00. Ridiculous! I called and asked them why they put this information on my credit report. After a lengthy conversation with a Directv I found out that the account belonged to someone with the same last name who lives a block away from me. I obtained a transcript of our conversation stating that the account did not belong to me. I also received a generated bill from the company showing that my final balance when I had their service resulted in a $.65 credit due back to me. However, even after filing my disputes with all three credit bureaus, FNCB is still claiming that the account is mine. They are ### who are looking to collect from people who don't owe, just to make a quick buck. To all the people who are in a similar situation with this company, don't let them prey on you. You may be in a position to seek damages if your FCRA rights are being violated. I urge you to look into the matter. Good Luck!!
    -Still Fighting the Good Fight

  • Hy
      31st of Jan, 2015
    +2 Votes


    Not sure how much more clearly I can state this. It's a scam. Check their BBB rating. Oh, wait, they don't have one.
    They just sent me a letter telling me I owe almost 2 grand on my car. My car is paid off.
    It was nice of them to include little cut outs though, where if I paid my fine monthly I would get a *discount*

  • Sa
      11th of Mar, 2015
    -2 Votes

    I think fncb are very nice people they mailed me about a debt i was unaware of and was way out of the sol the debt was for more than 12, 000 dollars they wanted to settle for 1225 dollars which is a great deal. Not knowing if the debt was mine call me stupid but i figured the money was worth putting this behind me and not being contacted again about the time barred debt. I talked to 4 different agents and all were extremely polite and respectable people and i am 100 percent satisfied with their professionalism. Great job FNCBinc

  • Da
      15th of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    This collection agency is a joke. They mailed a letter to me claiming I owed over $800 to my current bank. I called my bank to verify this information and they said there was no such debt, and they have not gone to FNCB for any collections toward me. On the same day that I got my letter, my boyfriend whom I live with also got two letters from them, saying that he owed over $900 to one company and about $500 to another, one of which he has never had any business with. They have an F rating with the BBB and have 328 complaints against them, of which they have only resolved or responded to 2.

  • Mr
      16th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    "Oh, if I pay, will you please fix my credit!" Or, "I'll pay, if you just leave us alone." I was once a manager for the largest collection agency in the U.S., and I will say that these companies are just another racket. As the laws get tougher, it gets even harder to force people to pay their debts. I left the business because my moral imperative was to move on in my life and stop bullying people into paying their debts. My advice is to NOT pay. Your credit score will NOT go up, even if you do. SAVE YOUR MONEY! You'll one day need it. Accept your mistakes, and never let the collection agencies get away with convincing you that paying your debts will be good for your credit, or your soul. The dreamer who originally posted says he bought a house. That worked for him, but that's not the answer for everybody.

  • No
      17th of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    My credit karma report said my 2007 car balance of 5000 dollars is showing paid and closed.why is first national collections contacting me now saying i owe them after 11 years

  • Ge
      7th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Because they are [censor]. Low life's that prey on people. Once the Credit Card company charges off the debt, it is charged off. Companies like FNCB buy these old debts for pennies on the dollar hoping that people do not know their rights and pay them. First, never make a payment to them. Never admit to the debt. They have to do what is called "Request For Production" Request this. Look it up. You have rights. They need to produce documentation with your signature on it, a copy of every transaction from the first to the last, they can not. They can not because the credit card companies do not provide them with this information. Know your rights.. Read and study the law. YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Debt collectors are vermin... HTTP://

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