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First National Bank [FNB] / harassment an infringement of privacy /decimation of character

1 Wichita Falls, TexasWichita Falls, United States

I want to file a personal complaint on Randy Arron of the Burkburnett Fidelity Branch.

My Mother whom had accounts with the Burkburnett branch had CD's an a checking account which had myself Janet Holter listed as POD. I also had a CD an so did my 3 son's.
Once my Mother Pauline Clark hands became too arthritic she would set with me an have me pay her bills an whatever else checks needed to go to.taxes, insurance, any business.
My Brother Richard Clark nor Randy Aaron would know if my mothers health neither of these gentleman ever step foot in my mothers home !
Richard Clark only came over when he needed money cause he has a gambling problem.
When it became evident that my mothers health was declining she started building a barn in her backyard for me to live in an to be able to take care of her 24/7.
This build became a grievance for mother an myself due to not knowing enough about building a house or finding ethical people to work for us!
My mothers health has declined to where Hospice was called to come an help me take care of my mother on the farm!
One day my brother Richard Clark came to my mothers home an started telling how Randy Aaron had called him to let him know Mothers account was down to $10k an asked Richard if he wanted Randy to call the cops because I was stealing money an forging checks on my mothers account!
Number one Richard Clark name was not on the account.
Why wasn't I Janet Holter who was listed on account called?
By Randy Aaron calling my brother before he actually got an true facts but Mr. Aaron an my brother went to school together an are buddies as my brother worded it?
From this phone call it was called to my bank which froze my accounts!
The Adult protective services and fraud department for First national Bank was called.
Once The investigator came to my mothers house an took pictures of bank statement an was given copy of power of attorney she said" I should of never been called there is nothing wrong, I consider this case closed!"
So you think that's the end?
Nope, Now I'm getting calls from people who have paid me by checks for farm lease an business telling me that my Bank is calling asking if they really wrote these checks?
It is being insinuating that I'm forging checks?
I also will be complaining to First National Bank next!
This situation has caused me unnecessary conflict with my brother which my Mother passed 4 weeks ago, an my bank wouldn't let me cash a cashier check from the Fidelity bank to pay for my mothers funeral that my brother never offered to help an first national had to make sure the Cashier Check was legal? The froze everything for a week!
Because I Janet Holter was named executor of Pauline Clark's estate was unable to pay for my mothers funeral an expenses on POD!
Mr. Aaron broke a client confidential act on this banking account an I will be seeking legal advice on what the next step is for slanderous an causing me undo stress am mental anguish!
I want Mr Aaron removed an
I want him fired!!!

Thank you,
Janet Holter
3562 old Friberg road
Wichita Falls Texas 76305

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  • Updated by Janet Clark Holter, Oct 18, 2018

    I have sent to you the first of this complaint between two banks now the next half of my complaint is that earlier this week I received two $4000. Checks for farm lease an deposited one cashed the other while Mr. Barrett sat out in Walmart parking lot waiting on me because we were going to Hennritta, Tx to purchase a vehicle.
    The next day a female from First National Bank called Mary Ruth Barrett looking for Silas Clay Barrett whom is my husband or 9 years asking if he had really wrote the $4000. Check?
    This plainly is a attempt decimation of my integrity an character!
    Also last year as a family we went across river to the oklahoma casinos an I won a large sum of money!
    My accounts were frozen an unable to use my debit card an found out that I was being acussed of laundry money?
    Ever since this money laundering incident an the now calling my apoun my business associates checking to see if they actually wrote the checks being deposited?
    I have been singled out an am being harassed!
    Also the little girl at first Convience bank asked me if I was purchasing said amount out load in front of everyone from Wish, an continuously talking about my purchase after I said yes we purchase many items off of the wish website!
    I am very disappointed at the professionalism of this bank an am thinking of seeking legal council on the continued harassment!
    Thank you.
    Janet Holter

Oct 18, 2018

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