First National Bankunbelievably bad experience with first national bank

It's with utter amazement that I look at all the promises that were made when I was recruited as a client, obviously to rake my business in because you recognised my potential. Now, as was discussed at the beginning of the six months, I call upon the promises that were made in this discussion. Should I be surprised that I'm thrown with red tape from all angles. Suddenly, it dawns upon me that those were actually not the only promises that were never kept. I find it unbelievable how in this age in South Africa, where service is detrimental to all companies, they spend so much time recruiting you, but none trying to keep you. Unbelievable though, when I come and tell you that I've moved my business elsewhere - surprisingly, you act shocked. But Why??? you suddenly shout, conveniently forgetting all that you did not do when we initially met.

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