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I have been following up on my clearance letter for both my loan and credit card for the past 3 weeks and there was no update. I have fully paid the balance already for a month now and there was no update from FGB's side regarding the release of my clearance letter.

Can you please expedite the process? I am really getting upset. I would like to file a complaint already because your customer service representatives also gives different advises everytime I call the FGB Hotline!

Incident #1: The Customer Rep told me that it will be released the following week, and told me to call on Sunday. When I called to check, they told me that I need to pay 30AED in my account, so I did. I went to Dubai Mall Branch, paid 30aed in my account as per the FGB employee instructions. I even spoke to the FGB employee and informed me that I need to call the hotline for following up on this clearance letter.

Incident #2: TheCustomer Rep told me to wait for the call by 12:30noon which I did. I waited until the following day and called them back again. The new agent told me that I will need to wait as there's no update yet for this. They emailed the concerned department only.

Everyday, twice a day sometimes, I have been calling FGB Hotline to follow up on my clerance letter which is quite upsetting now. The Agents doesn't know anything and will just tell me that they sent an email follow up to the concerned department (which I am not sure if this is really happening) as sometimes, the agents will tell me that they can only give an update on my credit card and not for my loan which is way to confusing and irritating!


Rosemarie Ampuan

  • Updated by Rhoze Ampuan, Sep 19, 2017

    HI FGB!
    I just called your FGB hotline again and followed up on the clearance letter because I received an update via SMS that the 30aed reversal amount has been processed. Now, the customer service representative told me that I NEED TO GO TO THE BRANCH TO APPLY FOR THE CLEARANCE LETTER. What is this? This is so upsetting. When I went to Dubai Mall Branch last weekm they told me that I can only follow up via FGB Hotline and not thru the branch, and now the agent told me to go to the branch! Can you please clear your processes and expedite this.

    Going back and forth is not helpful. This is so upsetting and confusing!!!

  • Updated by Rhoze Ampuan, Sep 19, 2017

    Hi FGB! I am writing to express how upset and frustrating it is because of your poor service.

    I have been following up on my Clearance Letter via FGB Hotline and everytime I call, the agent tells me that they will just send a follow up email reqarding my request.

    I have been following for the past 3 weeks and some times, when I call, the agent will tell me different things:

    Incident #1: Agent told me to visit the branch to follow up so I went to Dubai Mall Branch, and when I was there, they told me that they cannot do anything on it and I just need to follow up via FGB hotline.

    Incident #2: Agent told me that I will receive a call by 12:30noon which I waited, and no one told me thus I followed up the next day. Next day I called, no update.

    Incident #3: Agent told me to visit the branch again, and I clearly explained that I was in Dubai Mall Branch last week and told them the story of my experience that the Dubai Mall branch will not be able to help me because they will tell me that I need to follow up via FGB Hotline.

    Incident #4: When I sent a complaint via FB Message in FGB FB Page, after a few hours someone called me and told me that I needed to wait for 2 days. After 2 days, no one is calling me and they even sent me a message that my complain has been resolve! This is unbelievable!

    All I wanted is the release of my clearance letter which the process will only take 7 to 10 working days from the payment of the full amount due... after 3 weeks and still ongoing... no update, no clear response and unreliable customer service representatives who only knows to 'send an email follow up' from the concerned department.

    Please fix your processses not to lose customers.


Sep 18, 2017

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