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In the month of December 2015 second week I received call on my mobile from FGB introducing some Life insurance and coverage of and a ransom amount of AED 10000/- (AED Ten thousand) if I loss my job, that I need not return to bank. I requested to send me all these details term and conditions to me thru email. Instead, they did my insurance and send me the documents of these thru email. In the month of Jan 16 I got my FGB bill showing the due amount of 360 outstanding for these insurance policy they did that to without my consent. I wrote detailed email in this regard. They didn't responded to my email. On Jan 28, 2016, they send again one more insurance paper to me. In the month of Feb the bill showed the outstanding double. I have enclosed the screen shots of the two insurance they did for me for the same period. I wrote mails, I approached the branch at King Faisal Street Sharja. They verbally replied they will do reversal on this. I get the third bill from FGB today. It show same out standing and more over AED 250 interest as I didn't made the payment for last two bill for with, I am at all not responsible.

First Gulf Bank
First Gulf Bank

Mar 17, 2016

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