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First Gulf Bank / forcing to take quick cash loan

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

I have a First Gulf Bank credit card. Last October 10th I recieved a call from bank employee for quick cash loan.
But the lady(employee of the bank) did not inform me all the details about the loan and she had taken my bank details.
Again on 12th October when she called me I asked her about all the interest charges. After getting those information from her I asked her
for sometime so that I can take some time to think over it. I asked her to call me again next day.The same day I had decided not to take
the loan as I dont need as of now and I dont want to pay interest rate simply to the bank.
The next day when I was expecting the call from the bank, there was no call made. One day after I went to India as I had booked the tickets.
After 3 days I came back from India and I was not that FGB bank has credited the loan amount to my account.
Since I already had more money than the total loan amount in my standard chattered account before, I spent a part of
the loan money with my own saving amount. I was not aware there is an extra amount of money in my account which was credited by FGB bank.
After a period when I looked into my standard chattered bank statement I found 24000 dirham was credited to my account FGB bank and
I have spent 4000 dirham out of that. So I called up customer care to clarify why they have credited quick cash loan to my account without
notifying me and even after crediting the money they did not inform me. i dont want any debt on my head and I dont want to pay simply interest charges to the bank when I dont need any loan.
I asked them to take back the loan amount what they have credited. After one/two day one person called me from the bank, I informed him everything. He was so rude to me
and he said loan can not be cancelled. I asked him two questions how the bank can credit to my account without my permission and why they
did not inform me after crediting to my account. He did not answer to my questions and he was so rude to close the case saying I have to
go for the loan period and pay interest as I ahve used a part of the loan. Then the case was closed from bank side. After that I been
calling to the bank so many times and I asked them to go through the recorded voice since I have clearly asked for a confirmation call
before doing any transaction.They had done mistake from their side now they are asking me forcefully to go for the loan which I dont need,
so that they can take interest charges. This is really a partial decission from the bank side without judging customer's situations.
Kindly advise me.

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  • Lo
      30th of Nov, 2011

    FGB do nothing by mistake, the loan interest is about 27%, they obviously saw a way to sucker someone into the loan and they did it, now if you don't pay they will file a case against you, put you in jail and claim on the insurance. Then once they have ruined your life, milked as much as they can out of you they will go out and look for the next victim. The people who are selling you the loan or credit card are on commission and if they do not process a certain number of customers per month they will face problems themselves so they will do whatever it takes to sign you up.

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  • Ks
      16th of Jan, 2012

    This happened to me as well

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  • Pl
      21st of Jan, 2012

    Thanks bro for informing me all these. But now I can see my beautiful life boat is sinking in to a Debt sea day by day. And I am so help less now. I did not have any financial problem or job problem before, but all of a sudden they forced me to take loan and now charging high interest rates. I have lost sleeps now. all I can do now is pay the bank unnecessarily a huge part of my salary every month. I don't know whether I will be able to come out of this debt sea or not. If yes then when that will happen. I lesson learnt here... you do whatever bad things in your life you will be never punished if you do it in proper way... that's what these people do...and I will remember this lesson through out my life even after leaving Dubai...So we need to be very careful from such people... in spite of repenting like this after being victimised

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  • Lo
      22nd of Jan, 2012

    Everyone who deals with FGB be it credit card or loan is suffering. To late for us but it is better to spread the message that if this bank calls you and offers you a CC or loan just RUN! RUN! in the opposite direction. I have friends working in reputable banks and even they tell me never deal with this bank they are the worst.

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  • Pl
      28th of Jan, 2012

    there are instances even people were brutally murdered with their families by private lenders here. so be very careful in these matters.

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  • Sa
      22nd of Sep, 2012

    FGB quick cash loan is a disaster-Im suffering too .I want to settle the balance loan and I was informed that i have to pay the interest on balance payments too ..and that I have signed a declaration form --has someone been in the same situation.

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  • Cl
      22nd of Jul, 2013

    I am also suffering now... I thought that if you are going to settle the outstanding balance, you don't need to pay for the interest but it seems that the interest can't be reversed on premature cancellation of the loan! This should not be the case... This is the only bank I know that is doing this! I should have read the Terms and Conditions before signing up for a quick cash loan!

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