First Data Global Leasing / lease payments on returned credit card machine

Newberg, OR, United States

I had to close my business after almost 9 years last May 31, 2011. At that time I was no longer needing or wanting credit card processing services and notified First Data Global Leasing of this. They informed me that I would not be able to get out of the lease that I had signed a few years prior even if I returned their equipment. I held on to the equipment, and continued to make the lease payments through my business checking account at West Coast Bank. When I no longer had any money coming into that account and ran out of money, having no job and not opening another business that would need the services of a credit card processing service I, again, spoke with First Data Global Leasing hoping that they would let me out of the contract. They said that they would not, but I could send the equipment back. I did, then, send the equipment back to them (about 6 weeks ago)) and I then wrote a long letter stating my situation in hopes that they would waive the last 16 months of payments. I spoke with someone on the phone from their office who said they would settle with me for over $1000.00. I informed her that I did not have the ability to pay that. She asked what I could pay and I said that, if I had work, I could probably come up with $100. a month; but would hope that since they had the machinery they might see fit to let me out of the lease. That was the end of any direct communication with their offices. I continue to receive invoices wanting $85.00 a month until I pay off the lease agreement. I even spoke with the manager of my bank branch and she told me that their hands were tied and that they couldn't do anything for me with First Data (even though they have an affliation with this business). I don't know what to do there any justice for someone who ran a business using this company and their equipment for almost nine years even through a downturn in the economy that finally put me out of business???

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