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First Data Global Leasing
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Like many others I see here, I am locked into a $30.74/ month contract that makes my brain twist in knots of frustration! I worked with Alex White, a lying salesman who is apparently no longer employed with this company, and explained to him that I had just opened a "mom and pop" style hair salon in a small town and that I had signed a 2 year lease on the salon building itself. Because our contract was what seemed like an endless email (and because I was 22 at the time and very naive), I trusted his words when he confirmed all my wishes verbally. Little did I know, I had just e-signed myself up for 3 years of card service and FOUR years of leasing the physical terminal, regardless of my request for a 2 year agreement on both. Can anyone help me understand who would want their card services for a full year after their location lease expires but especially why I would agree to leasing the equipment for another full year after the service itself has expired! So my salon relocated after 2 years and my equipment would not work at our new location. By this time, the economy was plummeting and my clientele was requesting cheaper and cheaper service options, making my acceptance of credit cards more and more costly for me! I spoke with a very charming salesman named Matt Dapompiano who agreed to get my service rates lowered due to my business decline and he also arranged to have new equipment sent to me which was all done thoroughly. The new terminal I received, however, was incredibly inferior and extremely more difficult to use so my salon stopped accepting credit cards. Despite my begging, pleading, and sadly crying, I learned that no one gave a darn about the decline in my business or the fact that I wasn't even using their services anymore. I continued to pay monthly for both the service and equipment. Not until my service contract FINALLY ended (after a full year of ZERO use), was it brought to my attention that I am stuck with the terminal lease for another entire year! When I called Matt Dapompiano to try and get some more effective help, he along with a supervisor I spoke with named Jennifer R., informed me that FDGL is an entirely different company from the service provider, First Data Merchant Services despite their umbrella name similarities and that they had no control to help me as they were not even employed by FDGL (even though Matt was completely able to assist me when my equipment was broken). They also informed me, as if some giant inside joke, that FDGL NEVER allows a contract to be canceled and that I probably wouldn't even be able to get past an operator/receptionist if I called their 1-800 number. Well they were right! The call was answered by a very sweet sounding girl looking to direct my call but I was quickly informed that there was NO ONE I was even allowed to speak with concerning an early termination of my lease. I tried being pushy and she simply gave me an address I could write to... no response to that letter after 3 months. So here I am with another 12 months of paying what will total $1475.52 to lease a piece of equipment that I not only have no service connected to but that I have priced through Stapples, Office Depot, Office Max, and several online retailers to be $249.99 (at the most expensive) all the way down to as little as $99 (with service agreement, but that is the sell price not any kind of lease)! Any finally, I tried calling Matt one last time to see if persistence would pay off (since he helped me before with the terminal), only to be informed by what had to be an under trained or just hopelessly honest new guy that, "Matt Dapompiano doesn't work in this office and I've never heard of him" and that before he started working for the company, lots of people were "trapped" into 4 year lease agreements that outlasted various service agreements and that he simply could not help me but was so sorry that I am "one of those business owners who is now stuck with what the company quickly realized was a faulty arrangement". He went on to explain that the company no longer even offers leasing options with the service agreements which is why no one there could help me... When an employee admits the deal was crooked..."a faulty arrangement", a company with a little integrity would own their mistakes and make it right! Sadly, this is what America is coming to! ALWAYS PRINT YOUR CONTRACTS... tell the salesman you will call him after you have read his 35 page email and NEVER EVER EVER do business with FIRST DATA GLOBAL LEASING!
If anyone gets anywhere with this company, please email me: resolvemylease@yahoo.com
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N  2nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Finally after my lease contract expired, I returned the card processing equipments via US postal service. I called them one week later to make sure that they have received the equipment. Yes they received it. However, the customer service rep said that the equipment was received DAMAGED. The equipment was functioning perfectly when I last time I used it about a year ago. I did not use it for one year and kept it in very safe place until I returned it. There was no physical damage. I was forced to pay one extra year of rental on the credit card processing equipment after I ended the service because the service contract was for two years while equipment lease contract was three. They are scaming me or in this case insurance company (they have been charging equipment insurance in addition to the rent). I just cannot believe how low this company would go. Please my fellow business owners and managers, avoid First Data and its associated companies.
N  17th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
The best and easiest way to stop them is take them to small claims court for taking unauthorized funds from you/re checking account
N  17th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
The best and easiest way to stop them is to sue them for taking unauthorized funds from you're checking account.
N  17th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
in ssmall claims court
N  7th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Like so many others I was speaking with, it sounded like a caring sales person, Nancy O'Reilly with IMS. I spoke with her and she said I could exit without any penalties. Like the others there was a huge agreement in terms you could not understand. I went through it with her and she explained and answered all my question, not knowing she was just telling me what I wanted to hear, not what I needed to know. I did not know they were signing me up with IMS for the credit card charges and then another company, First Data Global for leased equipment. Little did I know when I wanted to change companies for a better rate up popped the lease agreement through Data Global Leasing. 48 month lease and When I requested to return the equipment a letter came with big bold letters NON-CANCELLABLE. When I asked them for a copy of my lease agreement they had on file they said, "sure for $7". So after two years of paying them a monthly fee they now say I owe the 679.99 plus any taxes that would accrue in the future for the remainder of the unused lease. That price does not include me keeping the machine. That price is for returning the machine leaving me with nothing from First Data Global. If I wanted to keep the machine it was anther $100+. When I asked my new company they told me they had heard of this happening and what First Data was doing was giving a commission to the sales person. Really the machines only cost $99 and I got it for free from the new company and the agreement terms were short and clear. I tried to contact Nancy O'Reily with IMS with no success. First Data Leasing now has a non working number.

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