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I had been banking with this institution for more than 6 months. During this time I had two overdrafts. One of the overdrafts was because I was doubled dipped by an automatic withdrawal.
I went to open a savings account on 3/22/12. No problems, the people at the branch were nice when they took my two checks @ $2, 500 apiece. I went the following Monday to transfer $500 into my checking and was told my account was on hold. I asked why, and they stated because I had 6 or more overdrafts. I told them to check my account and they verified that was false. The Assistant Manager than stated she didn't know why and said I needed to call their headquarters in Kileen.
Red flags were flying. Why hold checks on a savings account? I can understand checking maybe, but not savings,
I called four times. The first three times they disconnected me. The fourth time...Jason the customer service rep would not let me talk to the Loss Prevention Dept. nor his Supervisor. I couldn't talk to anyone but Jason who told me they were abiding by Federal Law and that's just the way it is. This also caused red flags to fly.
I then received a letter stating that because they don't believe the checks are good and that I had repeatedly overdrafted my account, the checks would be on hold for 7 business days.
I had deposited checks from my father before. Red flags again. The called my 81 year old father and interrogated him, scaring him to death. Both checks cleared in 3 days yet they are holding them for a total of 12 days making daily interest.
What is happening after reading all the other complaints is clear to see.
They are taking advantage of their customers because they know the customers don't have the monetary means to fight.
This wrong needs to be righted. They are the pink slime of the banking industry. Please, I am all in for doing a class action lawsuit to expose these con artist. That's my opinion.
You can contact me at [protected]

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  • Dr
      4th of Apr, 2012

    I opened my account with First Convenience Bank around the middle of February 2012. Upon beginning my job at Tarrant County College on February 20th, I was told my first check would not be available until the end of March. I borrowed $500 from a family member and he sent me a bank check from Wells Fargo for the amount of $500. I was told because Wells Fargo would not verify third party information they had to hold the funds until the $500 could be verified.
    On March 8, 2012, I received my retirement check from the State of Colorado. The check was for a little over $10, 000. I was told because of the amount of the check, they would have to hold the funds for up to two weeks. I called the state offices in Colorado and they verified the funds were available, but the bank would still not release the funds. They had me sign a paper stating I would get $4800 on March 14th and the balance on March 21st.
    My first payroll check from Tarrant County College was supposed to be direct deposited on March 30th, 2012. Because the TRS retirement paperwork was not entered in sufficient enough time, they issued a paper check. I picked up the paper check at the business office and drove to First Convenience Bank. The teller called Chase Bank to verify availability of funds and informed me I would have the funds available on Saturday, March 31st. Upon attempting to withdraw funds on March 31st, I was told that a hold was placed on that check for the entire amount of $5, 900, leaving me no money to pay my bills. I tried to call the central offices in Killeen, but they were closed for the weekend.
    On Monday, April 2nd, I called the bank’s central office in Killeen. As I was explaining the situation, the lady who answered the phone said she was sorry, but that is just the way things are. She then hung up on me. I called back and asked for a supervisor. The supervisor informed me that the “Loss Prevention” office had placed a hold on the check and I would have access to the funds on April 9th. I asked for a number and contact information for the Loss Prevention office and the supervisor stated they do not talk with customers and there is no public telephone number available. She went on to state, “Now that I was aware of the policy, I could plan better in the future”. I explained to her that I need to pay my rent and purchase my heart medications and she said she was sorry, there was nothing she could do for me. I never signed a form stating my money would be held until April 9th.
    I contacted the payroll office of Tarrant County College, who contacted Chase Bank, who wrote and faxed a letter stating there were sufficient funds to cover the payroll check. Once again First Convenience has denied my request to release my funds.

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  • Er
      2nd of Sep, 2012

    I recently opened a checking and savings account at the First convenience Bank located in the wal-Mart in Nacogdoches Texas. I was working there and needed a local bank just to handle immediate banking needs. I received an overdraft notice from the bank because there was a $10.00 charge placed on both my checking account because the mailed me something, (I had signed up for all mail going my Internet anyway). I was told that my mail was returned and there is a $10 fee when mail is returned. When I called to complain, they were very rude and took me through an enormous amount of interrogation before talking to me. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for 33 minutes and no one ever came to the phone. I then went to the branch and found out someone had put in a wrong zip code and they admitted it was their fault. Second issue. I used my card to check in a motel but ask that charges no be put on the card. i paid cash when checking out and the desk clerk released the hold on my card. Three days later, the bank issued me an NSF fee. I was told that the motel was the blame although the motel charge did not show anywhere on my account. I was told to have the motel fax a letter saying that charges were never requested on my card. The motel immediately issued the fax and sent me a fax copy off the letter. I called the next day and i was told that they did not receive the fax. i had my motel fax again. Still they said they did not receive the fax. By this time, they had accessed two additional NSF charges plus some other daily fees. I was more than upset and went to the branch complaining. The branch manager took a copy of the fax and sent it to customer service. The Manager then called and acknowledged the fax was received. They assured me that all the charges would be reversed within 24 hours. Three days later, still no reversal of the fees. I am currently out of town, but will storm back in the bank when i return, get this straighten out and CLOSE THAT ACCOUNT !!! YOU CAN JOIN ME IN A CLASS ACTION SUIT at [protected]

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