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Firestone / Safety Hazard

1 Lake Zurich, IL, United States Review updated:

A few weeks ago I had all of my tires replaced by Firestone in Lake Zurich, IL. Well, the other day I had to drive to Bloomington, IN to help someone move into their new apartment. The trip was fine--until about 11 miles outside of Bloomington, when my car began swerving (and this was a 60mph road, mind you). I managed to make it over to the right side of the road. Upon inspecting the tire, I noticed a lug nut on the ground. It was one of the lug nuts that holds the tire in place. There was only one in there...all the rest had gone missing. With the help of a police officer, I managed to get my car towed to the Bloomington Firestone. There, they inspected the car and told me that the Lake Zurich Firestone had put on the back left tire very poorly, with lug nuts that weren't tightened all the way. Some expensive Audi part in the wheel had been damaged, and the soonest they could get the part in was Thursday. This was Saturday, and I had to return home (5 hours away) on Sunday. They told me that Firestone would cover the expenses. Well, I have dealt with them for three days now and they had made no progress in talking to claims about covering the expenses or getting my car back to me in Chicago. Finally, this morning, I got called by a man at Bloomington Firestone who suggested that it was impossible that the Firestone in Lake Zurich had made a mistake, and that someone must have unsuccessfully attempted to steal the tire in those few weeks I had it. He said claims would call me later today to handle this issue. They didn't call. Based on the guy's response that Firestone couldn't have made a mistake, I think I have an uphill battle ahead of me to get all of the repairs, towing, and transportation refunded.

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  25th of Feb, 2010
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Now we need the whole story, were there aluminum wheels on this vehicle and did the customer retorque the lug nuts 25 to 30 miles after the tires were put on. The problem with aluminum rims is they oxidize on the back of the wheel and no matter how tight you get the lug nuts, when driving around the wheel will seat on the hub and you may notice
one or all the lug nuts a quarter of a turn loose, but if left unattended they will all loosen up and ruin lugs and or the wheel. Most people scoff at this but it does happen.

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