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Firestone ( is a complete rip off. My 83 year old mom went there for a tune up and came out with a $2400.00 bill on a credit card. She didn’t know how she was getting. She thought it was a loan, they told her she could make small monthly payments.

They didn’t tell her it was at 23% interest. Her car only has 71, 000 miles on it they replaced the struts, shocks, brakes and a lot more. Attorney General investigators have contacted us regarding our complaint. We hope they stop them from ripping people off.

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  • Fi
      Apr 09, 2011

    My daughter loaned her car to a good friend of the family.Being a good friend she took the car in when she had a minor problem, it needed the spark plugs changed.A Firestone "mechanic"diagnosed 2 cylinders misfiring and decided to replace 3 coils at $179.54 each, which is almost $50 higher each than the dealership.Where did this ### put the third coil that was not bad according to the computer diagnosis?I have been a certified mechanic for almost 30 yrs. I checked the "new" coils and saw that the car still has all original coils except the one I replaced last year. The total screw job was $675.51. I hope Firestone reads this because I'm coming after them and it won't be pretty.

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  • Advise save yourself some time go straight to the top. Their corporate office is in Chicago. I wasted almost two months with a district claim adjuster that thought I would just give up the fight. Not when my son was put in danger due to a lack of proper oil placed in car ruined his motor. Get him! Good luck.

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  • 24
      Jan 04, 2013

    i took my car a firestone store to have the brake pads on the front ckeck, but instead i left there with my master cylinder leaking and the brake light coming on. i never had a master cylinder leak or brake light coming on until i took my car there.

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