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I placed an order with Fingerhut over a month ago. Upon going to their website to check the status of my order it showed they received the down payment and deducted it from my order. A few days later I checked and I wondered why the order was saying still pending and why it no longer showed that I had sent the down payment money order (which I still had receipt for). When calling them they said they did not have on record that I ever placed an order or sent in a payment.
The customer service rep said she would report it to the payment process department and that they would get in contact with me within 24 to 48 hours. They never did. 4 days later I called back and still get the run around from a different customer service rep.
It's almost impossible to get in contact with Corporate because the customer reps claim they don't have access to corporate. Come to find out - they are in the Philippines and Corporate is in Saint Cloud, MN.
The company outsources it's business - pays Philippine citizens pennies to deal with issues such as this. Knowing very well they are unable to. By the way - if you Google the Corporate number you will only get the automated voice number that has you going in circles just pressing numbers. The real number is [protected]. They will not help unless you really push them. I mean, you have to threaten Consumer Affairs, class action, reporting it to every media channel before they will come clean.
If anyone has or knows anyone going through the same issues with this company I would like to know.
American companies that do not care about consumers need to go down! We need to stop giving them so much slack. They don't deserve it.

May 27, 2015
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      3rd of Jul, 2017

    I had lost income for just a couple of months, my minimum payment with them was $120 per month within just 3 months my minimum payment is $496.82 and I am making payments to bring my account current, but these money hungry pigs are still going to charge me late fees, interest charges even when making my payments and still when my account is current still going to have to pay close to $400 per month, and I only owe them $2, 639.94 and according to them it will take 7 years to pay this off. So seven years time $400 is $33, 600 not $2, 639.94 which is $30, 960.06 in interest and late fees. How do you go from owing $2, 000 to $30, 000 without additional purchases just on interest and late fees of only $30 per month. I am really thinking about reporting this company to consumer advocates as well as the FTC. This company is no worse than a loan shark.

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