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I want to start by saying that Fingerhut has got to have the worst return policy ever.
I placed an order for an HP computer desktop then when I saw the price I decided to return The computer . The box had a label return and a questionnaire as to why you're returning the item . I simply said the truth that it was too expensive. Upon received The item they charged me $25 because of the reason that I returned it because it was too expensive . Also 1495 for the shipping . I've never heard of such a thing in my whole life such a rip off I tried to get those charges taken off but they kept insisting that's our policy .
Also with one late payment that you made and ready send you to collections .
He probably called about a total of 10 times and sent them emails back to back with this complaints about their service and they're terrible customer service skills I record all conversations and also the live chats I copied and paste. My balance at the time was 130, I told the wrap his name was Elvis and he also gave me his employee number that I would make a payment of $75 on February 3 of 2017. I decided to do it automatic so I put in the four February 3 for the money to be withdrawn with my credit card . Well guess what today that I put my credit card information which was January 27 they went ahead and charge me to $75 and sent me a confirmation number and an email .
I called customer service and I read the email Word by word. I received an email with a receipt any confirmation saying thank you for the payment and he should be withdrawn from your bank but the next two business days . Was trying to explain it to the representative but she kept on telling me that no that was just a confirmation that the pain will be taken out on February 3 and I said no this is not what that says here let me read you what that says we kept talking over each other and I said listen this is a receipt OK and it says playing here in English that into days and amount will be withdrawn out of my bank . Kept insisting that no no no no no I basically told her do you understand English you hear me when I'm reading this to you and you still telling me that this is not a receipt then I said I need to speak to manager so she put me on hold and said her manager was busy and I said I will hold and 10 minutes later she hung up . I sent them like five emails back to back. I stated to them that that $74 were to be withdrawn out of my bank account it would be overdrawn and it would be a overdraft fee and they would be responsible for The overdraft fee .
Prior to that I had sent an email with the conversation I had with the gentleman and wrote word by word everything that we discussed how we were going to resolve this and hang out the balance. I asked the rep to give me his name and his employee number and that I was gonna write an email to him explaining word by word how we were going to work this out and needed to notate everything in the computer so that the next time I would call I wouldn't have a problem with the next breath . That email was plain and simple into the point how this payments were going to be handled and that was to the point . I sent the email to them like three times just to cover myself . Then the times that I recall they would say that they had not received any such email and I said well I have a confirmation that you received it so obviously you just not reading it so they are number one red flag . Also they can send me an email saying that they were going to send me to collections for one payment and I miss because my credit card was reported stolen so the payment didn't go through and I wanted to send to collections already I was like is this the way to your customers one payment not even hard dealership send someone to collection for one or two months of the consumer not paying the car and you guy also they can send me an email saying that they were going to send me to collections for one payment and I miss because my credit card was reported stolen so the payment didn't go through and I wanted to send to collections already I was like is this the way to your customers one payment not even hard dealership send someone to collection for one or two months of the consumer not paying the car and this Fingerhut store that overcharges everything is so damn greedy and disgusting that I can't even put up with them I just want to pay off my balance and just tear the book up and never deal with them again. You best believe that if that amount goes through and my account is overdraft I have all the chats copied and paste and also all the conversations recorded with emails and all the evidence that need it so I will take them to small claims court .
So basically at this point I really do not want to reach out to them at all or nothing at all but if that payment goes through then it's gonna be a big problem and I will reach out to them and tell them exactly how I feel whether they like it or not and I will contact the headquarters and send an email to the president .
And they still have the nerve to tell you that oh you know that if you receive emails you get deals I told him grab a no no thank you I don't want any emails from your operation at all my plan is to just finish up the balance and be done with you guys forever .

So the saga continues !
If you think they going to put one over me then they got another thing coming because they don't know me and first of all you don't treat customers like that you don't hang up on your customers I mean it's just a total mess disaster bad customer service just overall just the worst company that I've ever had to deal with I'm here reading the email to this lady that this was a confirmation of the payment and she keeps on tell me that no. I basically told her either you're stupid or your death because I'm tell me exactly how this reads out and just have a confirmation number and it says in two days they will take the money out of my bank and you still keep on telling me that no they going to take it out on 3 February do you realize how stupid you sound she stood quiet for minute and then she just put me on hold and then I said I need to speak to your manager and that was it .
Had to leave it alone because I don't want to drain my energy with this but believe you and me this is not the end of this I will sue them I will take them to small claims court The last thing I do . What a rip off charging you for returning an item so I told her rap I go so why do you guys have that return label and why do you get guys have these multiple choices are on the reason why you return it so basically you would never charge me and it would been broken of the fact of her I'm here being honest with you because it was too expensive and you're penalizing me for that is a make any sense at all is ago this is their policy . Basically said he could help me out and I said no basically you don't want to help because if you really did want to help me you would do it .

And I was a new customer.
And he has the gall to tell me that he was just about to send me to collections for one $20 payment that I missed because of my card being stolen that was the last straw I mean what kind of operation of the running for one late payment I will send to collections and mess up your credit
That's just plain disgusting and dishonest and just plain dirty
Well this is my story with Fingerhut so far but I have a feeling it's not over !
And they would not end until I get exactly what I deserve. Because like I told him I am I believe you messed with the wrong person this time because I know pool and I don't take anything from anybody. So I would not have Fingerhut have the last word .

I will be treated with respect and they must oblige to what they promised and what the email stated as far as how we were going to complete paying off the balance and not charge me behind my back .
I think I can go to the bank and to say that this was the charge that I did not approve and that will be the end of it .
Such a bad experience left me with a dirty taste in my mouth and is just plain wrong discussing I mean if that's how they treat a new customer imagine their own customers .
Reminder you don't give a damn so therefore I will give them a little piece of their own medicine and they will not like it .
This is my story and I'm sticking to it and the stories shall continue

Jan 27, 2017
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  • Wi
      28th of Jan, 2017

    It is called a RESTOCKING FEE. The time to check the price is before you buy, not after. And no store has bad return policy since no store has to even accept returns.

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