Fingerhut / account

Mulberry Indiana, US

Hello I am writing this company to advise you that you opened an account fraudulantly and allowed the theif to charge this account up. I have justed recently pulled my credit report and seen that you guys are claiming a negative account under my information.

Note that I have not given anyone permission to open such account and that this account was open under fraud activity. Equifax Transunion and Experian know of this activity already and have froze my credit for this reason. Your company has been turned into the Federal Trades Commission as a fraudlent account.

If you would like I will send you the documentation I have filed with the FTC, My local police department and my attorney general.

I ask that you remove this account from my credit I did not apply for this did not recieve goods from this account and therefore am not responsible for this account.

I at this time request validation documents bearing my signature and or ID, if you cannot publish these records I ask that you remove this account immediately.

Thank you

Robert Lee Hutchison
3975 North Hamilton Road
Mulberry, IN 46058

Dec 01, 2016

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