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FIDO / fraudulent services

1 Montréal, Québec, Canada Review updated:

I am very upset at Fido.
I've just been through a series of endless telephone calls and I am totally disgusted.
I feel I have been made a fool and trapped into charges I specifically tried to avoid.

Like many other Canadians, I was lusting after the iphone but found it too expensive and the internet package over priced.

A Fido agent called me asking about my customer's satifaction and I told him about how I felt about the new iphone packages.

He offered me a great deal on the phone by using my Fido dollars, getting me to agree to a 3 year contract, and signing up to a monthly plan.
Ok, great so far I said but what are monthly fees going to be? I was not interested in being caught paying higher charges and absolutely did not want the internet roaming package from Fido. I just wanted to be able to connect to a WIFI network. The Fido representative said this would be no problem. Just don't subscribe to the internet package and you won't be charged. Sounded like a great deal so I said yes and agreed to the 3 year contract.

But since having received my iphone, I have been battling and battling with the billing department at Fido.

1st, I could not understand why I was charged approximately 80$ more than promised for the purchase of the phone. After calling and complaining I was than given a credit of 17$ plus an additional 56$.

The second bill came through but the 56$ was not yet credited and there was an astronomical roaming internet charge on top of it...
I was then again promised the 56$ credit for the following month but the internet charges were not removed! ... Apparently I was supposed to know that my phone was connecting automatically to Fido's internet service and not to my home WIFI when at home. I was also supposed to know that I had to call Fido and make sure my phone was disconnected from their internet network, although I specifically requested NOT to have that connection.
Apparently, Once the phone was delivered and I had phone in hand. I was supposed to contact Fido and tell them again to block my internet service. I was never informed of this when I first ordered the phone and there wasn't any notice when I receive th phone either.

In my last conversation, one of the customer service agent actually informed me that Apple asks Fido not to inform its clients from the blocking possibility and conditions of the internet service. Why? This apparently disadventage Apple.

So what about disadventaging your customers Fido???? We are the ones who end up paying and stupidly have registered for 3 dawn years of dishonest services!!!
Fido does not want to credit me the internet connection done without my knowledge, dispite te fact I refused them from the moment I registered and ordered my iphone.
I am outraged by the whole sour deal here and feel taken for an idiot.

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      11th of Jan, 2009
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    Im sorry to say this but, yu got what you deserved.
    If you were more careful when buying stuff or registering for a product or service you might understand better that is our fault (I mean US as cutomers)...we dont read the fine prints, we dont really know how technology works and we just want to get the latest, coolest gadgets. Why you want to buy an IPHONE and stupidly ask for no INTERNET plan...who does that?, is like buying a car and not purchasing an insurance.
    You see people out there buying routers or bluetooths, but wrongly protecting the access and... what happens?? charges appear!... someone else could use that connection (How many of us have been able to connect WI-FI without the owners knowledge on the streets, coffee places, even at home...?)
    I agree that we are not the only ones learning by making mistakes, but I feel sorry for those people working at Customer Service and trying to resolve the situation for a stupid Customer that thought he was smarter and benefited from a service due to his ignorance!. Be honest, do research, get information and pay for what you use, that is the only thing fair to do!
    We must complain when something is wrong (unfair) and try to corrected or resolve it, How can you say is a SCAM?We are all humans (employees, customers) and we all make mistakes... but IGNORANCE is not an excuse and there is much to learn.

  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    I stand neutral for both posts from above. both are correct in their own way.

    My friend also got nailed by getting billed a total of 400$ with rogers due to his iphone roaming charges. But that didn't stop me from getting an iPhone.

    What i did was once i got a new plan finalized, i asked them to block the internet connection for rogers network and block for the iphone usage. When i got the iphone, i called back once again to confirm that i have both blocked. So far its been almost 1 month and i'll wait to see if my bill is charged but i think i won't be because from the iphone, you can turn off; 3G, EDGE, data roaming and also WiFi networks. As long as u have DATA ROAMING turned off, it shouldn't be a problem.

    I been through quite some time to get my new plan today without the stupid data plan that would lead to 60$ a month after tax. All i have right now is a total of 39.01 Tax-included and i paid 200$ for the iphone.

    The next time if anything happens, billing or anything, just mention that you'll refer to or consult ""CRTC"" (search it up if need to) about the problem your having. It's basically the parent of all the wireless phone service providers out there. Once you mention this they should automatically listen to all your concerns and will fix anything if possible. Thats what my friend did and he got his 400$ back and gave him a bonus of free network calling.

  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    It is a SCAM.. I already distrust Fido. They have already lost credibility and consumer confidence..
    As a matter of fact, I have already unlocked my Fido cellphones by myself (Yay!!) and I shall do more. (Tip: Your Fido phones are, sadly locked so can only use with this or Rogers carriers, which means if you attempt to use another carrier SIM card from another country when you're outside Canada. it will prompt you to "insert SIM" I heard from AT&T user in the States if you ask their customer support nicely by making some excuses like you are going on a trip to Europe...
    they will give you the unlock code to the unlock your branded cellphone
    so you can use it in any country. Wow Fido wouldn’t even have been so courteous.
    My next goal is flashing the original firmware (without Fido logo or its internet options on it of course)
    This is already one form of protest.. I know that this can be a breach of contract or illegal.. BUT I don't care about Fido anymore nor I am going to use their services as they cheat, swindle us poor customers for their pleasure and advantage, its their fault.
    Why should I honour the contract when they failed to deliver what the customer wanted, and always
    cheat, nickel and dime poor customers even in times of economic difficulty?
    Why the Canadian government support the cruel and bullish behaviours of the monopoly companies like the Big three Rogers, Telus and Fido?
    Also, I find it very interesting that only Canada and the UK sells locked phones such as the Blackberry, iPhone instead of unlocked ones? is this kind of manipulation on the customer and insult on the customers intelligence?
    Do you know in the Far East, you can buy the original unlocked cellphones like the Blackberry and Sony Ericssons for a relative cheaper price..
    compare to the rip off deals by those phone carriers in Canada. . Whats more, you don't have to worry about getting stuck to one carrier because you are given the choice of Locked or Unlocked phone by the retailers (talking about customer protection) (now beat that Fido!)
    One day Fido shall learn its tough lessons of cheating poor customers and their loyalty. They shall be bankrupt.
    If you have a Fido/Rogers phone, you have two choices, either immediately cancel it (without paying any crazy ECF), or just unlock it. (or get a experience tech to unlock it for you for a small fee)
    Do NOT, I repeat do not ever deal with this unethical company..unless you wanted to get a high blood pressure. Canadians (expecially those who had been victims by Fido), We must speak up for the sake of a better tommorow for everybody.

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