Fiat / noise pollution

I want to complain about this dealership on Yaxchilan Ave. that has been a pain in the butt since they remolded the old Dodge site on the avenue. They started remodeling about 2-3 years ago, and kept a cement mixer, and loud construction noise until 5am more than once. Then, for their grand opening, of course, they had a speaker outside with loud music all day long, and since then, we have had constant noise pollution. I live across the street, in an apartment building next to a Hotel, and a kindergarten. Most people I know work at night, and almost all of us work in the tourism industry, which is the lifeblood of Cancun. Myself and many neighbors have complained about this loud music, many times to no avail. At one point, there was an employee (who we personally observed) who intentionally turned the music up to annoy and molest. He was either transfered or fired, but no matter, the problem started up again. We have even called the press, sent emails to the main office, and nobody seems to care at all. The music on this outside speaker is SO loud at times that we can't even listen to our own music on our own stereo. These people are bad neighbors. They don't care about people who have to live and work for a living, just like them. They seem to think they own the entire block. I realize that this is Mexico, but there are limits to anything, and since there is no planning or zoning here like in the US, we have to make do, but this is absolutely ridiculous. If the music is to attract costumers, it's not working, and why should we have to suffer? We're not their customers...Anyway, I hope this might get some attention, so Fiat can retain a better reputation with PR. So far, if I were to buy a car, it would never be A Fiat because we have been permanently turned off and pissed off by their attitude towards their neighbors...Also, in the past, a friend called, asking in english to please turn the music down. Guess how a "professional" answered the phone, and I quote, he said, "Go ### yourself!" This is an example of Fiat's wonderful Public Relations in Mexico...


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