FashionNovaorder placed and 8 days later it has not even been shipped

I placed my order on November 25th, paid for the 2 day shipping and it has been 8 days and it has not even been shipped. I emailed as it is the only way to to contact them and of course the reply is an automatic response. So I have to reply again that I need to get some one to help me out.

Well, NURIA FLORES reply back. I ask her to get my order shipped and she says that it take 7 to process my order and then 3-7 to shipped and deliver.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Vernon, CA I explain that I am traveling out of the country and she says TO CANCEL MY ORDER and choose a 2 day shipping method which is what's order is for in first place. So it is clearly that she is not even looking at my order at all and does NOTHING to help me out.
Her customer service is awful For a customer that's has placed 3 order within 2 weeks. This whole sitation makes me feel like they don't care about their new customers, I could of been a loyal customer but this is definitely the last time I order from you guys.

I want a solution URGENTLY since I have to leave on December 5th

Dec 01, 2018

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