Fantastic Sams / horrible haircut

I have been a customer for at least 2 yrs. About 2 to 3 months ago I ordered a trim. My hair is thin and I try to get it trimmed at the bottom and trying to let the top grow. The place was quite busy and I did prefer to have Beverly do my hair. She was busy and told me it would be another 45 minutes. She said that Michelle could do it. So I let Michelle do my hair. What a terrible mistake.

The shop was getting busy and she was in such a hurry she chopped the back of my hair to a nasty mess. I even had to ask her to trim the bottom of my neck with the trimmers.

To me a trim is ever so lightly especially with my white thin hair. I regret that I gave her a $5.00 tip.

I have used Tiffany, Beverly and Rae and have always been satisfied. I have never been so disappointed.

Apr 03, 2016

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