Fantastic Sams / hair color/stylist

Corydon, IN, United States

I went to the salon located in corydon, indiana on saturday, sept 23rd. My stylist name was kristen. I told her i wanted highlights and wanted to blend in with my natural haircolor. I told her specifically that i did not want bleach on my hair. About midway thru tbe stylist next to us went to go mix more color for her client. My stylist said to her "can you mix me up some more bleach?" I said "so you put bleach on my hair?" She said "yeah, but dont worry. It will be fine. I wont fry your hair". I got mad but ot was too late cause she already did half my hair. I didnt want to cause a scene. I expressed my displeasure to her and she said bleach looks better anyway. I called the manager ken yesterday to tell him how bad my hair looks and how unhappy i am. He said i could come in and he would color my hair again. I dont have time for that as i am going out of town with a terrible hairdo to boot! I want my money back. Needless to say if fantastic sams doesnt make this right i will not be a customer anymore. I will pay extra in the futurr to go to a high end salon where their stylists honor their clients wishes. I expressed this to ken and he said he would get back with me. Of course no surprise that didnt happen.

Sep 26, 2017

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