Famous FootwearScam

I have been a reward customer for 8 years. Over the year, my number has worn off of my card. I have children and purchase quite a few shoes. I experience frequent frustration of the employees not being able to identify my account. My name is wrong, as is the phone number, but when I call there is always a LONG LONG wait. Finally, after many visits of not getting reward points, the guy at the register found me. He wrote the number on the back and told me to call customer service and consolidate the no less than two accounts I now have. I finally decided to stick it out and wait the 17 minutes on hold. I got an agent and the call was immediately disconnected. Nice. I was determined, so I called back. The agent couldn't find the number the clerk wrote on the card. She couldn't find the name and/or zip code. She couldn't find anything. I asked for a supervisor and waited another 7 minutes on hold! Reward cards usually encourage people to continue shopping at that retailer. After 8 years, I will never be back. I should have had quite a bit of savings by now, but with employees that don't care and executives that aren't making the system easy, I have no more loyalty. I don't know what other shoe stores are out there, but I will be finding them.

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