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The young lady by the the name of ladrika I believe I'm really not sure due to her rudeness I wasn't thinking clearly to get her correct name, but she work yesterday evening at around 15:43:16 on 01/17/2017 the first register near the entry . African American young mid 20's female with two Pom Poms as her hairstyle and red lipstick. She is always very rude never speak when spoken too, never smile count out your change or say thank you to the guest . Almost everyone who works there acts and behaves this way every single time I go to this location . I shop there and spend almost 100$ every week when I'm there and you guess are going to lose my business I will start going to a dollar general if necessary. But you guys are so conventional for me, please hire new staff I beg of you because this is an utter outrage . And not to mention near the dog food area and the back area I guess where the staff do inventory it smells like dog waste back there . Maybe new management is in order do they even have a manager there ?

Family Dollar Stores

Jan 18, 2017
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  • Su
      Jan 18, 2017

    Same here in Hardin, Co. Illinois. The Manager is rude, obnoxious, etc. outside the store He speeds around on His cell, almost hit My Two Daughters Whom had Their Kids with Them. Cussed & flipped Them off. Now, Everytime My Oldest Daughter goes in He is extremely rude, refusing to ring Her up, laid over the machine where You swipe Your card. What is wrong with this Person. Corporate has been notified, see what happens.

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