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Memphis, MI, United States

The store at 2500 elvis presley in memphis tn, store number 02723, needs to be shut down permanently. There are many complaints I have about this store but I wilm touch on a couple. Tonight I was in this store to purchase laundry detergent. I purchased 2 bottles of the xtra laundry detergent which was advertised on the shelf as 4.95. I get to the register and it rings up 6.00. I ask if its 4.95 because they have shelves full of this product along with a sign advertising it as 4.95. The cashier did not leave the register to check the sign and all she kept saying was its "probably" a smart coupon sign. I told her its not... She kept talking bout smart coupon and how she use this product and blah blah blah. Nothing that had anything to do with the 4.95 sign which she would not go check. She asked a guy to do a price check and he wouldnt do it either. I eventually went back myself and checked. It was not a smart coupon advertising. It was a sale advertising and I told her. She still talking about smart coupob this and that. I also put in my smart coupon phone number and checked for a smart coupon for this product which there wasn't one. Its just poor advertising and even poorer cuatomer service. And another complaint I have is that alot of the food in this location is old and expired. There is food on the shelves fron 2016, 2017 and the early part of 2018. Why??? This is ridiculous and on top of that you are bound to come to this store and about 3 or 4 in the afternoon and its closed. What??? But thats ok I would rather go across the street to dollar general where they have their signage right, the store is clean and easier to navigate and the customer aervice is much better. And they stay open during their posted operating times. This family dollar shouldnt even be open at all. I will never shop at this location and I will encourage the people I know and even those I dont know to not patronize this location at all. Just because the store is located in "the hood" doesnt mean the customer service should be non-existent and the good should be old and inedible. Get it right or shut it down. I used to work at freds dollar store and the stuff that goes on in this store is totally unacceptable. But looking at some of these complaints family dollar doesnt give a damn anyway... As long as they are getting my family's dollars... Smh... Shame on fd!!

Oct 20, 2018

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