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I moved to rural southwestern Maine ON December 1, 2014 and called Fairpoint - the only Internet provider available - to get Internet service. They say it will be installed on December 26...they never show. I call on January 2, 2015 and find out my install date has changed to February 5th. Why? I ask. They say that the address they wrote down was for some random street in a town 20 miles away. I tell them it's unacceptable and they say they will put in a request with their "fail team" to have it moved up. That's right, they literally call their error correction department their "fail team" because they are so terrible. I call back a week later and they say they can't move up the date. On Februare 2nd the modem shows up in the mail, so I think ok I guess they have it figured out now.'s February 13th and I still have no Internet and when I called 3 days ago they said "we don't know what happened, we will call you back ASAP with an answer." Still nothing. All this crap for a 7 mb/s Internet service...what a joke. Oh, did I mention I'm a graduate student in an online program? I had a 4.0 before this semester but because of all the snow sometimes I literally can't drive the 12 miles to dunkin donuts to use their wifi. I hate Fairpoint and I haven't even received their service yet.

Feb 14, 2015
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  • Ed
      Mar 13, 2009
    Fairpoint Communications - poor email service
    United States

    Since fairpoint took over Verizon in New England their transission has been much less than seamless. There customer support is virtually non existent. Very Dissatisfied.

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