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FairPoint Communications Maine / lack of service

1 ME, United States Review updated:

We recently had our service with Fairpoint canceled. We chose another provider whom we are very pleased with. Fairpoint will not release our telephone number to our new provider.
What this means is that I can call anyone anywhere and NO ONE WHO IS A FAIRPOINT CUSTOMER CAN CALL ME!

This is my entire family, friends, etc. Some of these are elderly family members with health issues. If you have a cell phone you can call me or if your a blasted telemarketer you can call me but you cannot call me if you are a Fairpoint customer. How many people in their 80s and 90s have cell phones???!

Fairpoint should rename itself the Phone Nazis.
I fought, begged, and pleaded with them this morning and they keep telling me it is the fault of my new provider. I was told that no one in management would talk to me and they also would not talk to the person I was speaking to at that time (a Supervisor for Fairpoint). The Supervisor said that my new provider had to "negotiate with them" something they did by notifying Fairpoint more than two weeks ago. I was told Fairpoint has SO MANY orders right now that they just simply cannot get to my problem. Well apparently they cannot get to ANYONE'S problem because I spoke to a friend who recently moved to Maine and she has been on the list for 6 weeks to have a phone hooked up for her by Fairpoint. I wished her Lots of Luck.

They still have an internet order pending for me that I cancelled that even SAYS that I cancelled it. We needed a repairman at one point due to noise on the line. I had to call several times before they would send anyone out because they wanted us to check the interface box on the pole first, use a land line and see if it made the same noise. (Then they knew it was their problem)For some reason there is no box here so we couldn't do the test so they finally said they would send someone. After that call the noise "magically" fixed itself so we cancelled the repairperson and guess who showed up the next day??? Fairpoint Repair!

Fairpoint should never have been allowed to buy/merge with Verizon here. They have a huge mess and I don't think they can handle the purchase they have made. I know if I ever have to make a choice again pertaining to Telephone providers Fairpoint will lose hands down.

No matter what your going through with Fairpoint they will be happy to tell you that it is someone elses fault.

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  • Al
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I have never had the kind of problems with a company like the issues I'm having with Fairpoint. I have spent countless hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone, only to be disconnected after retelling my lengthy story. They have no records of my calls, or even that they sent a technician to my house twice. I moved at the end of January and it's the end of March 2009 and still no phone. Today I learn that they have no record of my moving and that I have to wait another 2 weeks until the problem can be resolved. Further when I told them I refused to pay for the service I haven't received they told me to call back to speak to a supervisor, which may be another 40 minute wait. What kind of company is this, I am outraged and wholly disappointed that any business can operate like this without consequences. I use my cell phone as my real phone and Fairpoint as a lifeline in case of an emergency, I believe they are the only ones who offer this service so I feel powerless and angry about what's happened.

    Fairpoint should be ashamed on the deepest level.

    Thank you

  • Mo
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    I too am experiencing the same problem of lousy customer service. The Maine PUC needs to step in and fine Fairpoint. Money is the only thing that matters to companies like this.

    I have been trying to get my cottage phone lines hooked up for over 2 wks and they keep saying my request was rejected "by mistake". No info on when it will be hooked up as each day goes by and they miss every deadline. It has been my dream to live in the state of Maine 6 mo per year. I am in sales and need internet and phone and can live anywhere. Now I own a cottage and cannot be there due to no phone service. We are 15 miles from cell service. this is unbelieveable that the independent minded citizens of the great State of Maine and putting up with this.


  • Ti
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    They are a nightmare, I can't believe Verizon left us in the hands of these incapable idiots. We lost our MSN with no notice because MSN won't work with Fairpoint, so we ended up having to just purchase our email through MSN, paying them over the phone or trying to speak with anyone is nearly impossible unless you take a day off from work to stay on hold, and you want to make sure your cordless is charged real good. They actually hung up on my husband, he finally was put through after being on hold for almost an hour, and the lady hung up on him right after she took the call, it was 5:59pm and they close at 6pm, huh? I have heard endless complaints about them, I don't understand how they can operate in this way. We all have cell phones, thank god, but we have the land line for emergencies, and internet service. Our only other choice is Time Warner which is starting to look good, even though they are more expensive, we may have to make the switch. I can tell by the other comments we will probably have to give up our number we have had for 15years though. They are just a horrible company, and you can tell they don't even care because they are not trying to make anything right. It is to bad!

  • Je
      16th of May, 2009
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    Fairpoint is a nightmare, disaster and discrace. I ordered service, local and long distance. Our phone has gone out several times for days at a time (problem on their end). Getting ahold of someone takes an act of congress.
    I injured my back at work a few months back and found out I qualified for Lifeline service, which is a discount the State helps pay. I have signed up twice, each time they tell me I am all set and then I continue to be billed the full amount. I stopped using my long distance months ago because it isn't included in the Lifeline service, yet I am being charged the full amount and in fact, I guess still have long distance because they never changed my service. The last time I called to tell the "Customer NO Service" agent the problem, she told me she would fix it but she had no record of me calling to make the first request (no record? they are the phone company?) so I would not be reimbursed. I asked for a conformation number this last time luky for me, now I have to call them back and straighten out their mess again. I try to be polite even though Im pissed, but the customer service agents I have talked to have been rather rude.
    Anyone who has tried to call knows you must hold for 30-40 minutes before you get through, I waited and someone finally picked up and I heard this lady talking to a friend on the other end and then hung up on me! Clueless!

  • Wa
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    April 20, I called to start service. It is June 4th and still no service, I've called 100 times and spent a lifetime on hold and there is still no answer!! They will not start our phone service and THEY don't know why!? Nothing but frustration in Kearsarge, N.H.

  • Ab
      18th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Switched to Fairpoint/Direct TV bundle thinking I could save some money. It has ended up costing me dearly. Got the service in January. It is March 18th and since January I can't update, can't renew my security, can't get in my email most days, because of security issues I can't bank online, and worst of all, I am running a online fundraiser for my brother who is stage 4 cancer, father of 3 all girls under 10. Can't run or access it! Time none of us can get back! I have called, they have given me so many excuses. The problem has been narrowed down to them. My phone lines, and computer are fine.
    They closed the work ticket in an unresolved status, if I hadn't called back
    it would have not been noticed. To boot... I have Fairpoint for my business
    and last week we couldn't get faxes. Had the fax number for 10 years, contractors, architects, homeowners all have that number, it is lettered on our business cards and paperwork. They told me for some "unknown reason"
    "it was mysteriously turned off and the number put back in the pool of available numbers"!!! I must admit the woman handling that worked quick to resolve it but Fairpoint is a nightmare. I am now stuck in a two year contract with Direct TV and must go back to Time Warner again for just internet and in the long run it will cost me far more than before, plus reconnect fees. I am calling today to see where they are with all of this.
    I recommend staying with Time Warner as much as they are pricy, you get
    what you pay for.

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