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Ezeego1 / Unethical behavior and total fraud

1 Mumbai, India
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My experience with ezeego was a disaster and I feel ezeego is a total fraud company. Let me come down to various complaints for which I and my family was made to suffer and still their staff feels that they have done what was promised:
What package we booked and what we received was totally different. In fact in one of the last calls with Barnali Sarkar, she admitted the fact that our bookings were mixed with lower packages. This led to the whole mess.
The whole bookings were fraud which became obvious when we checked the rates of diviyum and shompen. It showed these guys made money out of our package. So I understand there may be many more corners which team ezeego has cut to make money and make us suffer.
All promises made while taking the money and later there was no co-operation and in fact being made to feel that we have paid money and there is no option. Their helpline is never easily accessible and that it needed various attempts to get through.
Port Blair:
Hotel Shompen was promised while taking the payment from us. After payment received we were booked Diviyum Manor. Now firstly we checked Shompen and this was available. The rates of both had a difference of 3000-4000rs. Diviyum manor was nowhere near to what facilities Shompen delivered.
We had complained about Diviyum Manor on our first day itself but team in Mumbai says they haven’t received any complains. Firstly our booking was not confirmed when we reached Diviyum. Then we were mad to wait for approx. 20 minutes. There I had my son suffering from vomits but no help was given from their end.
As shown and told by their various representatives, Symphony Palm was booked to us. I have to say hotel was very good and we felt some relief in what we were promised. But here the activities were a problem.
Radhanagar Beach: We were supposed to go for the beach at 3-3.30pm but the driver Mr. Arun came at 4.30only. After reaching the beach we were told that the beach gets closed near 5.30 pm due to sunset. There was no one answerable to this. Also the driver was very bad at driving, knowing that we have a 1year kid and the road is bad, he was driving recklessly. There was no stop to the pain.
Elphanata Beach: Here also we were asked to report at 10.30am but our boat didn’t come till 11.30am. One day before the visit we had requested a charter boat because with a kid, it’s not predictable when we can leave. MR. Sanjiot (MR.Bhadur’s representative) confirmed to us that the charter boat is booked, took the money and that we should reach by 10.30am. Once we reached the jetty, the representative there says he was not informed about charter bookings and that we will have to wait. The wait was 1 hour long with no support from Eezego1 staff.
Green Ocean ferry to reach Port Blair: Again as usual, as per the lie our bookings were done once we had paid for the package. But here again the bookings happened a day before or the same day we left. How can one get 2 separate seats for a couple with an infant in a ferry? When we questioned the ferry management, they informed that our booking was done at last minute and that it was done just a day before. That's why we got random seats. Your representative Mr. Bhadur in Havelock never turned up and had sent Mr. Sanjit. Sanjit had no clue of our bookings and requirements and every time will avoid his responsibilities by saying that they dont any bookings and that Miss/Mrs. Sandhya from Port Blair does all the bookings. How many people do you think we should keep coordinating to get services for what we had paid for?
Food :
In our conversations with team Ezeego1, in the confirmed email of package booked we were told our request for Jain food has been mentioned and that we will get it everywhere. Surprising, in each and every hotel we stayed, we were informed there was no special request done by the booking company for Jain food. If I was to go and explain everywhere about my food requirements, then I should have done booking myself, rather than going by an agent like Ezeego1. Even for pack breakfast we had to request but no hotel gave it from themselves. Other tours like (Cox, Kesari, Veena, etc.) had packed breakfasts ready as per requirements whenever their customers are travelling in morning. Mind you their total tour cost is lower then what we paid to Ezeego1.
Customer Representatives:
Barnali Sarkar: I have never experienced such a shameless/rude/arrogant/useless customer representative ever in my life. She took over the tour bookings once our payment was confirmed and assured us we can get in touch in case of any queries/complaints. There was cyclone one week before we were supposed to travel but she assured us that things are back to normal and that we can’t cancel our trip as all our bookings have been made. Mind you all our bookings have been made was told to us one week before we were supposed to travel. Truth of the matter is no bookings were made. From hotel in Port Blair, to activities in Havelock to food requests, nothing was done and all had to be coordinated once we landed there or reached the respective locations!!! This is annoying when I have paid for complete package and not for just air-fares or selective services. Her replies to us are what made us feel insulted/humiliated/annoying/helpless in a new land. Following are some replies which show what kind of attitude Ezeego1 has towards its customers:
• Jain food: When we asked why were hotel not informed about Jain food, she replied we should just inform them and that we are reacting as if we were served Non-Veg Food. Is this an answer you give to your customers?
• Hotel bookings: When were asked why there was a delay in our check-in and why was there no on time check-in? Her reply was that at least we got a place to stay, we were on roads Na? Is this your customer service?
• Other complaints: When we complained about lack of coordination, lack of services, she replied: We dont do bookings from here. Bookings are done from ground staff in Andaman. Please contact ground staff. We had contacted MR. Rajesh who had received us and informed us that he is the manager for the trip. Barnali says, why did I talk to him? I should call Sandhya as her number is mentioned in the email, just to inform you guys, both Sandhya and Rajeshs numbers are mentioned and so I called Rajesh. Is that a crime? Am I supposed to keep contacting different people or is there supposed to be single point of contact?
Sandhya: She never interacted with us and had done all substandard bookings. This was accepted by Barnali also. She accepted that our package got mixed with the general package and so there was so much issues in the bookings.
Nisha Poddar: Out of nowhere someone new replies to our mail after we came back and emailed our complaints that the best had been booked. Just look at the tone in email and it shows as if ezeego1 is doing a favor on us by booking Shompen. Rather than accepting your mistakes, you blame the conditions/customers and get rid of the situation?
They have replied to our emails saying all was offered as per the promise and that accordingy to their ground staff we had no issues. Also they have offered 2 vouchers of 1500 each.
There has been apology for this kind of fraud services, they didn't even verify whether their ground staff is saying the truth or not.

Mar 30, 2017

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