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Ezeego / Fraud on free ticket

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Ezeego heavily advertised their ticket pe ticket free plus a cashback offer on ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Nowhere was it mentioned explicitly that only on specific airlines, the cashback offer was valid. I purchased a ticket from Ezeego, Delhi to Bangalore in May. I was hoping that I would get a 15% cashback because I had used by ICICI Bank Credit Card. It was later told to me that the cashback was valid only for specific flights and Spicejet was not one of them. Cool!. I then hoped I could redeem the promotional code to book the return ticket from Bangalore and guess what? That was not possible because the free ticket can be redeemed after July only. Great! I booked a return ticket from Bangalore and got another Promotional code for that.

Now that I had two promotional codes, I thought I would use both the promotional codes for an up and down ticket to Coimbatore from Delhi. I booked a ticket for the 4th of September for Spicejet flight Delhi-Coimbatore. The transaction failed. I called up customer service and the individual tried doing a booking himself using my second promotional code and that too failed. I received a call from Sangeeta Yadav and she said she would attempt to fix the issue and re-activate my promo codes and call me back. She called me back and said that she had gotten it activated but now the issue was that all bookings using promotional codes were failing and she herself confirmed that to me. She said that we would have to wait for two more days and if the matter is not sorted out, Ezeego would figure out some way to compensate all the customers. I have not received a call so far. Today the link for redeeming free tickets is lost already. (31st August was the last date for redeeming the promotional codes). I called up customer service again and the representative said that their quota with spicejet for free tickets was over!!! How can that be my fault? I was given two promotional codes with the assurance that I can redeem them for any booking till the 18th of September. No one ever bothered to update or inform all the customers about the problem they were facing with the bookings till Sangeeta informed me about the defect. I got emails from Ezeego saying that my promotional codes are activated again. What is the use of activating them when you very well know that they are not going to work? I have to get a refund on the two bookings that I had made using my promotional codes. Not just that, I also want two free tickets as committed by Ezeego. It was not mentioned anywhere that only the first 1000 (or whatever the quota is) would be getting free tickets.
Now when I call up customer service they say that the offer is closed and they cannot help!!! Today is the 31st of August and their site has already removed the link for redeeming the free tickets. I booked tickets on Spicejet using Ezeego only to avail of the offer. Jetlite and Air Deccan were offering me cheaper tickets to Bangalore. I have lost a lot of money and time and my current holiday plans have also been ruined because of Ezeego. I am planning to approach the Consumer Court in a few days unless Ezeego is ready to give me two free domestic air tickets for dates I specify.


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  • Kr
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    The customer service representative, Shweta Sharma called me up on the 2nd of September and left me a voicemail message stating "Sir, please give us one more day and we shall resolve your issue". Today, the 3rd of September, she called me up at 4:00 PM in the evening and said that they can arrange to process my booking for the 4th of September and I can either take it or leave it. I asked her how can they expect me to pack all my luggage and simply rush to the airport when my plans have already been rescheduled????? She replied that it was my problem and all they could offer was a processing of the ticket for the 4th of September. What about the return ticket that I had originally planned with my second promotional code? She said that she cannot process anything else other than whatever transaction I did and which failed. That meant that she could give me two tickets for the 4th of September because I had used two of my promotional codes for booking and re-booking it and both of them failed to generate a PNR number. I asked her if it was my fault that the last date is past. She said that it wasn't my fault, but they wouldn't help it and wanted to know if I want the same to be booked or get a refund. This was my last chance! I refused to book it for reasons:
    1. I cannot rush to the airport just to redeem the free ticket. Planning a journey is not similar to buying vegetables that it can be done without any planning.
    2. Ezeego cannot compensate for the dates when the transaction failed and give me a return ticket even though I had two Promo Codes and are putting the blame on me. Was I supposed to dream that even the failed transactions would get processed if I escalated?

    - Krishnan

  • Kr
      12th of Oct, 2008
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    Then, on the 4th of September, Pallavi Garud called me up and said that it wasn't possible to book the return ticket after the 18th of September as her managers had declined to let her do so. I had ensured to carry my phone all day with me on the 3rd after my lengthy and annoying argument with Shweta Sharma. I demanded to know why she did not call me on the 3rd as she had promised. She said that she dialed it, but my phone was not answered. I was in no mood to argue at that point of time. So - the end result was that 2-3 days reduced from my planned trip. I said "Well then, lets get this deal over with. I would think that something is better than nothing. Just book my onward journey on the 7th and return journey on the 18th." I requested that she call me after 5PM to confirm the booking. She passed on the burden to Sagar Vaidya. The gentleman said that I would have to pay the taxes and charges for the new booking and that all my failed bookings shall be refunded. I asked him if the previously made payments can't be adjusted with this booking. He declined. I then had to comply with him because if I lose these two seemingly helpful individuals, I would have to go to the court. His offer seemed to save me a lot of headaches. I was charged 6650 against my credit card. The ticket was confirmed and I got an Itenerary from Spicejet for a round trip. I heaved a sigh of relief. I then re-iterated that I would need the refund to be processed on all my previous bookings and Sagar again reassured me that I needn't worry about that.
    At 10 PM on the 5th of September, I got an email from Amol Jagdale giving me the information that one of my previous bookings had got confirmed. The email contained a reference number and was for the Delhi to Coimbatore flight on 7th September. I had presumed that Sagar might have passed the burden of doing the modification on my account to this individual - Amol. I emailed Amol back and asked him to immediately call me back. The three failed bookings were to be refunded. Now, I prayed this doesn't lead to a new nightmare. I was hoping Ezeego didn't process one of my failed bookings. This would mean that the money would not be refunded even though the booking by Sagar was paid seperately by me. Amol never called me back. I emailed both Pallavi and Sagar asking them what was going on and what was the mess being done to my account. As is customary for Ezeego, they ignored my email. On the morning on 6th September, some individual from the back office team called me up and gave me a PNR number and said that I could board the flight the next day. I demanded to know why and who booked it without my permission. I re-iterated that I had told his colleage Shweta Sharma that I didn't want her to book a ticket for me if it is not for the dates I specified. He put me on hold and then said that he would call me back after "checking". He knew very well that someone had done a blunder. I again started off with the saga of calling the reception of the office to which Pallavi belonged to, again and again only to be told by the receptionist that I would be called back. When I called back later asking why wasn't I called. The receptionist hung up on me. I called back, she did the same again and again and again. In the evening on the 6th of September, I called up Ezeegos back office phone number again and then thankfully the receptionist who likes to hang up on customers had left. This time it was a gentleman who answered and then brought Sagar on the phone with me. I demanded to know what was going on. I had to explain everything all over again to him. He promised to call me back after a while after some investigations. 30 minutes led to an hour and then to two. No callback. Finally to my surprise, he called me up at 8:30 PM and then told me to email him my bank statements. I told him to send me an email stating that all those three bookings shall be refunded. He agreed, but never emailed. He said the he would investigate further and assured me of a solution by Monday or Tuesday.
    I emailed him my bank statements reflecting two seperate payments made for Rs. 3325 each and the credit card statement reflecting the payment that I had made for the third booking which had also failed. I also emailed him the notice that I received after I requested a refund on the failed booking (upon which the new booking has been linked). So there was no way Ezeego could put the blame on me that they had simply processed the booking I had made. I had re-iterated to Sagar that when the customer service department had called me, I had insisted upon them not to book any ticket after the arguments.
    Monday went by and then Tuesday. I never received a call. I called up their number 3-4 days later. This time I ensured that I call in the evening so that the "disconnector" receptionist doesnt answer the phone. The person as usual put me on hold when I requested to speak to Pallavi or Sagar and promised that he would get them call me back. No one called. I thought I should wait till the 18th now because I didn't want Ezeego to cancel my return ticket to Delhi. I had by then realized Ezeego is capable of robbing its customers in broad daylight.
    What happens next - on 12th I receive an email from Ezeego stating that my booking for the 7th of September has been confirmed and I get a new PNR number!!! This one got linked to the second booking that had failed and on which I had requested "call me back for assistance". They did this to cover up the blunder they did by linking my failed booking that was pended for refund against the new booking they did without my authorization.
    Finally on the 16th of September, Amol Jadgale called me. I guess Sagar had instructed him to do so. He asked me to provide him the account numbers from which the transaction had taken place. I provided him my ABN AMRO account number from which two bookings had been done. He stated that the refund into my Citibank card would be automated. But the transactions done through netbanking needs to be refunded through a different process.
    Lord! I have never experienced sleepless nights like this for a month and a holiday that was so miserable.

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