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Eyeglass World / Do not use them

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I went for an eye exam on June 19, 2008 at the EyeGlass World location at 44 E. Grand avenue in Chicago, and ordered a pair of glasses. The total price was about $275, and they said that it would take about 10 days to deliver the glasses.

I decided to charge the glasses, but since I needed glasses the same day, I took the new prescription to another store that can deliver glasses in about an hour. The second store made a pair of glasses based on the EyeGlass World prescription, and when I tried them on, they were all wrong.

After a little investigation, it was determined that the EyeGlass world prescription was wrong. I got another exam at the second store, which confirmed that the EyeGlass World Prescription was wrong, and the second store made me a good pair of glasses.

I called EyeGlass World immediately, and they agreed to issue a refund. I went to the EyeGlass World store to fill out the paperwork that they asked me to sign and said that they had to forward the request for the refund to headquarters.

11 days later, I checked my credit card account online, and still no refund. I called the store, and it turns out that this store went out of business some time in the previous 11 days.

I have since attempted to contact EyeGlass World headquarters in Florida with no success, and I am in the process of disputing the charges through my credit card company.

Do not deal with these people. If ever there was a fly-by-night organization, this is one.

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  • El
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    I was also ripped off by Eyeglass World -- the Castleton Store in Indianapolis, IN.
    Much of the same problems, wrong prescriptions, failure to deliver glasses as promised under their 2 for 1 promotions; promise to return my money made by a Mr. Hutchinson after I complained to the local better business bureau; They have made suing them difficult because their license to do business inthe state of indiana has been revoked. Thanks for complaint because then others who have been harmed won't feel as bad.

  • Ro
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experiences.
    I was considering using EyeGlass World, so I'm VERY glad I came across this site.
    I didn't know anyone who had used them, but now I know enough to avoid them like the plague!
    Thanks ...

  • Bi
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    I recently used EyeGlass World in Cape Coral, Florida. It took over 2 weeks to get the glasses instead of the 1 week I was told. The 30 day guarantee to return them for a refund begins the day they sold them and not they day I received them. I took them back within a week of wearing them to inform them I could not read with them. They said they needed adjusted. So they adjusted them and I left. I went back the next week and told them again I just am not able to read with these glasses. I feel like there is barely any bi-focal to see out of. Well the lady then explained to me when I picked these frames they should have advised me they would not be the right size frame to use with bi-focals. She wondered why I had taken so long to come in to say something as my 30 day guarantee was no longer valid. She said the only thing she could suggest was for me to pick out a different frame, which of course I would have to pay for as well as the new lenses the frames would need.

    Well I finally did end up buying new frames and lenses which I received today from LensCrafters. What a relief to finally be able to see properly again after 4 months.

    I think EyeGlass World doesn't want anyone to be able to read with the glasses and lenses they sell because you might be able to read the fine print regarding their business practices.

  • Ra
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    i was riped off as well thay chargerd me over 800.00 dollars or so for two people to get glasses i would not refur them to any one i was not happy with my glasses and thay where rushing me the whole time i did not like the frames at all and my hubby could not see through his glass eather i was not happy at all this place sucks and then some

  • On
      26th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Tomorrow, I am going to return my $450 BOGO progressive, transition lens glasses that I have had for 2 weeks and cannot see with and have had adjustments and a new pair made. I have had neck pain, mild headaches, and cannot see clearly with this new Rx. I can see better with my 2 year old Rx. If I get my refund tomorrow, I will be back to write a better review!

  • Ha
      18th of Oct, 2011
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    October 18, 2011
    I absolutely Do Not agree with the above comments. After researching this company I found Eyeglass World was bought by a very reputable company called National Vision Inc. in 2009. Unfortunately they are being unfairly held responsible for the horrible reputation of the prior owners! My personal experience with Eyeglass World (Bradenton, FL) is they are professional, efficient and helpful. They have a large selection of frames and reasonable prices. Give them a try and judge for yourself.

  • Sa
      26th of Apr, 2012
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    Eyeglass World - took my money for contacts refused to give them to me when i went to pick them up
    eyeglass world
    United States

    had an eye exam for contacts order a year prescription paid in full, went to pick them up said i waited to long to pick them up and also had a balance due of $13.00.I showed them my receipt with balance due $0, 00 they said to bad there computer said differant and they refused y to return my money to me which was $120, 00 i had paid for the contacts that they also kept, Bottom line they are thieves and very bad business,

  • Me
      17th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    Do not give these yahoos a try, they are thieves, they fabricate stories and send the police to your door if you call corporate, they ripped me off to the tune of 380.00 and I even had the 1 yr repair plan, they sold me for extra cash. this is the worst [censored]est eyeglass company in the country, I finally hired a lawyer TODAY and now they are singing a different tune, The Melbourne store sucks and they have a girl that works there that is skitziod and needs meds.BEWARE CONSUMERS BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE!!

  • Me
      17th of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    cant wait to see these fools in a courtroom I have enough ammo here to take a store front from these fools

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