Extra Space Storage / their consumer have to go through a lot of crap

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I recently reserved a unit online with Extra Space Storage in Fredericksburg, VA. I had planned on moving an the end of the month because my current storage provider has mouse problems. After securing my credit card and making the reservations I believe it was three or four times Extra Space called me to confirm when I was coming in. They told me that it takes 45 mins to fill out paperwork, copy driver's license, look at the unit to ensure it's acceptable and to take fingerprints. Hell! I'm not an FBI applicant, I just want a storage unit. Well after Ron called me again the day I was suppose to move he again went through the speel of how it takes 45 mins to complete the paperwork and they weren't allowed to work overtime, yadda yadda. I finally said to forget it. There's too many storage businesses out there for a consumer to go through all this crap. Hell, the mice don't even give me this much of a problem.


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