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Extended Stay Hotels / dorothy is a horrible manager!

1 10660 N. 69th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85254Scottsdale, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (480)483-1333

I've stayed at this hotel now for over 60 days. On several occassions we've had to use their washers/dryers. On November 6, 2010 I reported to the manager, Dorothy that their washer wasn't working. By the 5th day, I reported to Dorothy that the washer wasn't working still and maybe they should put a sign up. I had to do this myself. It got to th 38th day and I went to the front desk to ask Dorothy when the washer would be fixed and she glared at me and didn't say one word. We are now on the 52nd day and do you think she has taken it upon herself to have it fixed? I asked today when butter would be ordered. Butter! For breakfast bagels. Again, she said glared at me. Earlier this a.m., a very nice gentlemen approached her asking her to order butter. Her response, "when I get around to it". When the gentlemen walked off, she freely spoke her mind in front of myself and another employee stating, "if he wants god damn butter go up and get it yourself A------!" She is constantly smoking cigarettes on the patio, speaks horribly of the Area Operations Manager and other employees with hotel guests. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL CAN YOU BE. Like the old saying goes, "If you don't like your job, get into something you like". She certainly isn't qualified as a manager and certainly shouldn't be in the hospitality area. After being here only 20 days, hotel guests all speak of her citing her unprofessionalism and her behavior towards guests and employees. Create a better atmosphere for customers and quit talking about everyones personal business and what happens with other guests here. Show you can be a suitable manager or move on down the road! (Your employees are even tierd of it and think it's awful you bring them to work). I hope the right person finds out about your unprofessionalism. I have to say that I have seen Travis Cornell here on numerous occassions and what a professional he is! He is extremely hard working and seems to have to handle all Dorothy's issues that she can't take care of herself. Then she has the nerve to speak horribly about him to employees and guests. Who do you think you are? Employees and guests love stability, structure and a business-like atmosphere instead of a circus that you are running! Move on Dorothy. You certainly DO NOT BELONG IN HOSPIATALITY!

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  • Od
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    Extended Stay Hotels - Awful housekeeping
    Extended Stay Hotels
    United States

    This hotel is located in Oklahoma City, OK.
    It was the worst hotel that I have ever stayed at. For starters, the room had no toilet tissue since the property had depleted its supply. No housekeeping provided unless you staty a week, meaning you have to take out the trash yourself or leave it in the room. They would not provide clean towels again only if you stay a week. By far the worst hotel ever.

  • So
      10th of Mar, 2011
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    checked into this hotel and asked the cheapest long term rate. They told me incorrect info. They gave me a rate that was 40 per night, and a king bed room, and the rate was, they said, monthly. This was not the best rate as given to the long term residents are here and told me their rates are 750 per month. Our shower was luke warm, too, and our a/c and heat didn't kick in right. I asked for pots that were not burnt. The washing machines aren't all working downstairs either. The side door to the hotel doesn't lock right and homeless people have been found sleeping in the hallways. Crystal the manager said I complain too much. A woman in room 313 told me she got here 6 mths ago and pays 750 with her boyfriend.. I asked for a long term rate, and suddenly the manger Crystal Clemmons had a room available..she said she would do me a favor and give me a long term resident rate but I had to move out of my king bed room which wasn't a room they extended for long term rates (which they didn't tell me initially and I was paying 1200 a month instead of 750 as the others were paying). I moved from Room 246 to Room 228, with a queen bed. My young daughter was living with me so it was a smaller room and more inconvenient but the rate being cheaper was worth the difference of price. Then the upstairs resident named Tory started stomping around and making noise from above, our ceiling thumping at past midnight and four a.m. for weeks. I complained of course and crystal said call the cops. I called her DM instead and told him she behaved inappropriately, that bringing the cops to the hotel is bad for the residents and unprofessional of her not to deal with these things, as a manager. She also speaks like ghetto trash, she has no idea how to effectively deal with problems, and is very uneducated.She makes alot of excuses and tries to talk her way out of dealing effectively with the situations. For instance she kept telling her night staff to tell me that all they can do is "monitor the noise". She never did anything about the noise, but she told me I can move my room and the staff would help us. They had room 300 available on the smoking floor which I took since it is a corner room. I told her I expect to be here for months, till the summer maybe. She understood this. Then, together with my 12 yr old daughter and excuses from the staff that noone was around to help us move, my daughter and I moved ourselves to room 300. A week later when time to pay the month came around Kristina the desk clerk called me (today March 9) and said my rate is going back to 40 a night. I explained to her this is impossible. She said that they didn't have any more long term resident rates and that "they told me that". I said I already have the rate, proof is that I was moved out of my $40 king room rate, moved to a "long term rate" at 798 a month (which includes tax but is anticipated at being dropped after 90 days as per the infor given by the Walmart employee in Room 313) and that I recently moved again to room 300, a queen bed and made it quite clear we were long term residents now, as was clear to crystal. Kristina and Megan told me to take it up wthe manager crystal. It was 3 pm when they called me about this and since I have full days and cannot take it up the next day when I anticipated on paying, I told them to have Krystal call me immediatley. I also left three messages for Bryon Brinson, district manager. I called the hotel about six times to make sure we discuss this immediately, and before five pm. When nobody called me back I called the hotel and told them how crucial it is we speak about his before tomoro, and that they will be rendering my daughter and I homeless if they change the rate.

  • Ga
      4th of Sep, 2012
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    Extended Stay Hotels - Non honor of courtesy coupon
    Extended Stay Hotels
    United States

    A stay in a room in Miami with a filthy floor yielded a coupon for a free night after complaining and learning of no other room available. Coupon was NOT ACCEPTED IN ANOTHER HOTEL OF THE SAME CHAIN IN JACKSONVILLE. I was told by corporate that I had to jump through additional hoops to use it; a fact not revealed earlier, WHEN IT WOULD BE USEFUL... JUST A BS LOOPHOLE TO AVOID ACTUALLY BEING OUT THE CHARGE FOR ONE NIGHT.


  • Tr
      31st of Aug, 2013
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    Extended Stay Hotels - Indifferent Manager
    Extended Stay Hotels
    1260 S Loop
    United States
    Phone: 510-769-7000

    Work as a traveling nurse and stayed at this location from Feb-Apr 2013. Asked the management team if interruptions, room inspections, renovations could be scheduled for the late afternoon as I work the night shift and sleep during the day. This is not an unreasonable request. However, the manager thought it was and simply forwarded me a letter that basically said that I needed to do what I needed to do because said interruptions would take place between these times 9am-5pm. Wow! I thought that that was very inconsiderate & unacceptable so I filed a complaint. My contract in that area was completed and I left that location.

    Now, I received another contract in that location, so once again I stupidly booked at this location. I mean, why not give them another try. Everyone else at that location with the exception of his right hand front desk personnel was always very gracious, hospitable & always treated us with dignity & respect. So, I phoned the (800) customer service number made the reservation & even phoned the hotel, spoke with the manager the day before check in to confirm that everything with the reservation would be ok. At which time he assured me that everything was ok with my reservation.

    Then, I arrived. The manager was sitting adjacent to the front desk & he clearly saw me being checked in. Immediately, upon entering my room the phone rang & I was informed by the manager that I needed to check out. The bogus reason cited was that he no longer accepted large breed dogs. Wait a minute! My reservation stated I was arriving with a large dog, & the day before check in I phoned and reviewed all the details of my reservation and at which time it was fine. Hmmm, what changed? I will tell you. The truth of the fact is simply plain good ole fashion "revenge". Since, I reported this manager's poor customer service attitude toward guests he personally did not want me to stay at "his" hotel & he couldn't come right out and say that so he came up with a generic excuse that he did not think would be challenged.

    But, God is a good God and upon exiting the room, I passed a man with two large breed dogs. I phoned the district manager & the BBB & I will continue to notify anyone I can because this type of practice anywhere is unacceptable. I am satisfied that my initial, original assessment of this manager was in fact correct seeing how I was treated in this situation. And his behavior speaks volumes about his true character & therefore he should not be in a management position at any hotel.

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