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Over a month ago I called Express Flooring because the laminate flooring was lifting in my office and chipped a corner of the flooring. An installer came to inspect and found that there were other areas where it was lifting. He said he would take the info back to the office and they would call to schedule a repair. A week went by and I never heard anything, so I called them back. They said they would have someone call me. On August 12th a customer service guy called me around 3:30p and asked me to go over what the issue was because there had been a communication mixup in the office. I told him again what the issue was and what the installer had said. He scheduled another visit for the following Tuesday to have the floor inspected again. On Tuesday the 17th, the same installer came with tools in hand, however, I only had a few pieces of extra flooring (and he had stated, at his original visit, that he was going to need several boxes) he did not have any extra flooring and I was totally unaware that he was coming to repair as the CSR told me they coming to inspect again, therefore, the office was not empty for the installer to repair, nor did he have what he needed to do the job in the first place. Again, the installer left and said someone would be calling me. A few days later I received a call from Nick to schedule a repair on Tuesday the 24th between 8am - 10am. Tuesday morning I get a call from Nick stating that the installer was not going to be out until 2pm-4pm. I had already taken apart my office (I work from home and this is a VERY BIG INCONVENIENCE). The installer shows up around 3pm with two other installers and they start saying that the lifting is due to water damage. I explain to them that there has been NO water damage in this house. Then they say that the product is discontinued and they don't have anymore product. They left stating that someone would call me. By Friday, August 27th I still did not hear from anyone so I called them again. Ofcourse a supervisor was not available and someone would call me. I get a call from Nick again and now they are stating that the lifting is from my chair rolling over it. Now this is supposed to be a product with a 40 year warranty, and since it isn't water damage like they first implied, now its my chair that has caused the laminate (not the board) but the laminate to lift and chip. However, there are other areas that were covered by a rug that are lifting too. They are saying that because of this it is not covered under warranty and since the product is discontinued we would have to replace the whole floor!!! The customer service is absolutely terrible, never calling and ignoring the situation because they don't know how to handle it and then they keep changing the story!!!

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  • Ja
      Sep 01, 2010

    Ok they called me within 2 days of me posting this complaint and filing with the BBB. I spoke to a Jake on Tuesday and he said himself or another supervisor Tracy would be coming out and personally inspecting my floor on Wednesday between 9am-11am. I get a phone call from a John saying he is leaving now and would be at my house in 30 minutes!!! Who the heck is John, well he is an inspector NOT a manager who stated he just found about coming to my house today! I call Jake and he said that Tracy didn't come in to work today so he couldn't leave and that John knew about coming to my house about an hour ago. I ask why didn't Jake call me???????? Why didn't any manager call me?????? Again I sit around waiting for them to show up!!! These people are RIDICULOUS!!! BEWARE - don't waste your time with them, IT IS NOT WORTH IT

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  • Ja
      Jun 18, 2012

    I had laminate wood and a rolled product placed in my entire home, while the sales person stated there would be thresholds placed between the doors and divided living room from the kitchen, it was not written and therefore not done, shame on me, but they then acted as though myself and wife were liars.

    The flooring is buckling everywhere, they sent the installers out again to make some efforts at fixing it, they did some work and told my wife that's as good as they can get it, still buckling.

    To top this whole experience off, this house was completely empty, because we are remodeling it, i had two of the closet doors off and stored in the master bedroom closet, they were moved by the installers into the kitchen when it was complete, i know this because i went there for lunch with a colleague to see the progress, after which i returned with my wife at approximately 5PM, the floor was nearly complete and the doors were no longer in the kitchen.

    The following Saturday, my wife an i went to continue to put the house back together, my job was to hang the last two closet doors, they are no where to be found, again, shame on me for believing the sales person when he told me their employees were trust worthy and we didn't need to be there.

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