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Express Flooring came to our home to give us an estimate on flooring. We explained that we wanted to replace our "builder" linoleum and carpet with something more suitable to our lifestyle. We explained to the salesman that we needed something that would stand up to our large dogs drooling and their nails and we wanted it to last us a long time. I told the salesman that I liked the wood plank look but anything would work as long as it was durable. He promptly went out to his car and brought back linoleum samples. (Apparently he wasn't listening).

He said, yes this is stronger than what you have and "look it has linoleum that looks like wood". We told him NO! He then went and got samples of Laminate. He said this is very sturdy and it won't scratch (He took out his keys and ran it over the surface to show us). I was then sold on this material. What he forgot to mention is that it doesn't like any type of wetness! Did he not see our big dogs and their water dish? So we signed a purchase contract and were happy that it came with a free "cruise" (A joke in and itsel[censored] Nothing free about it!).

So the installers came out and worked for a few hours (they showed up when the day was half over). They explained they would finish the next day. We were not happy, since it's supposed to be "Express" flooring. The next day they still did not finish and said they were short a few boxes of flooring and would have to pull from some other inventory to have enough. So day 2 goes by and floor not done. Day 3 and they tell us they ran out of "baseboard trim". They made us run to Home Depot to pick this up which was very unprofessional, but at this point I wanted this project DONE!

They worked until almost 11:00 p.m. and finally left. I was so tired from the 3 days of my house being torn up and I quickly signed the installation slip just so they would leave and I could go to bed. We had to put everything back, sweep etc... ourselves. The floor was decent for a few months, but then I noticed it started separating at the joints and the edges were lifting (almost like the top layer was peeling at the edges). We lived with it for a while but as it got worse I finally decided we needed to do something about it. We had someone come out for service.

He literally told us we were not properly taking care of the floor and he hit the boards with a rubber mallet to get them to go back together. (I was not home during this process). A few more months went by and again it worsened. We had another person come out and he sympathized with us saying he agreed that this flooring probably should not have been sold to us. It's more suitable for families with little or no activity (He chuckled and said "seniors"). He said if he knew Express Flooring, they would want to make this right for us! They have a good reputation for fixing the problems"! Guess what, I just got a letter in the mail "denying my claim".

They will not fix or replace anything and I'm stuck having to pay almost $10, 000.00 for flooring that is falling apart and looks like hell! I will now be hiring an attorney! Thanks for standing by your products! Don't trust them and don't buy from them!!! Wish I had looked them up before purchasing anything. Oh and the "free" cruise will cost you $50.00 to even process your vacation request. I never took it any further than that. Why should I have to pay $50.00 for something that says "free"! That is a red flag right there! This company sucks! Ripoff!!!

Mar 10, 2013
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      Mar 15, 2013

    CONTACT THE ARIZONA REGISTRAR OF CONTRACTORS AND FILE A COMPLAINT. I FILED 2 COMPLAINTS WITH THE BBB AND NOTHING HAPPENED. AFTER SEVERAL MONTHS OF TRYING TO GET THEM TO DO THEIR JOB CORRECTLY, I FINALLY FILED A COMPLAINT WITH THE REGISTRAR OF CONTRACTORS AND THAT WOKE THEM UP. The ROC can pull Express's license if they get too many complaints against them. Web site for Registrar of Contractors: phone number: (602) 542-1525 and Toll Free outside Maricopa County within Arizona: (888) 271-9286

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