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I scheduled a flight and hotel with Expedia in May 2012. By late May I realized that I couldn't use the reservation that I had scheduled through Expedia and so I cancelled it. Rather than immediately issuing me a refund, the employees at the call center in India proceeded to require me to go through some completely unnecessary steps. I repeatedly called them (using the office phone, as I didn't have one at the time) and through long wait times and dropped calls, nothing came of it. Then when I was able to get through, I found out the amount that I was owed (about $411), but again through disconnects and dropped calls, my refund was never issued. I then called again and found that the employees instead of using my email address, which Expedia had, they had closed my file completely, so no one could help me. Again, instead of being apologetic about the whole affair and issuing a refund the legal team for Expedia demanded that I sign a “Motion to Dismiss With Prejudice, ” which means that if I don’t get my money I would have no legal recourse to get my refund. So, I obviously won’t sign such a document. They then dropped that requirement and asked that I lie to the court and say that the matter has been settled BEFORE they’d send me my money. I took them to small claims/conciliation court and won my case--STILL no refund! And guess what?!? They didn't require me to talk with them on the phone to get the money that the court had ordered!

Expedia is also hoping that you won't know how the law works. You are allowed to recover not only the cost of the resrevation, but also the filing fee with the court AND costs; for instance, to notify Expedia of the lawsuit you have have them served, which means that you have to send a copy of the suit to the server and use a money order to pay the server--so you have the cost of the server, the money order fee and postage. When you are in conciliation or small claims court, make sure that the judge/referee awards you all of those costs.

Expedia is hoping that you'll find the work and expense of getting your money back to be just too much--and then they get to keep your money! DON'T LET THEM!

If you take your case to conciliation or small claims court and you win, but not all your costs as you are allowed to claim, check to see if you can appeal to District Court.

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  • Gi
      Aug 23, 2008

    Tried for 5 weeks to get someone to help me with my return thicket, 7 email, several phone calls from here in ( CHINA) and from the USA, but no one will help or answer. Went to China Air, was told by them i'm entitled to a refund, Expedia will not help. For medical reasons instead of going back to the USA, I'm flying to Italy, I purchased another thicket from Air China. All i wanted was to use the portion of my return thicket to the US toward my thicket to Italy...
    Once Expedia gets your money, they could not care less; you're on your own!!!
    They should be punished!!! This is not the first time i had a problem with them. Many times while overseas flights have been cancelled, DO NOT EXPECT ANY HELP FROM EXPEDIA.
    Their licence to do business should be revoked!!!

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  • Lu
      Apr 09, 2009

    Flight was canceled on Dec 22, 2008 due to the huge winter storms that basically closed down air travel. It is now April 9, 2009. STILL no refund. I've been calling them every month looking for it. I keep being told 2 billing cycles. After at least 3 calls to them inquiring about my refund, I finally get the story that the airline lost the refund request from Expedia. Totally lame excuse if you ask me for not immediately giving me my refund. Of course I am out the interest paid on credit card for loaning me the money. Out any interest I could have earned investing the money. Thanks Expedia! Just dumb. Expedia should give me the money back immediately and then they can wait for the airline to refund them!

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  • Cd
      Aug 25, 2014

    I would like to denounce Expedia shady practices. I booked 3 nights at the Hotel Caprice in Rome in July 2014 for November 2, 2014. In August 2014 I had to cancel due to my husband heart health issues. I was told that I had picked a rate that was not refundable. So that means the kept the 3 nights. I did not realize that I was picking the no refund feature. If you tell me that they would keep a night I would understand but the entire reservation? This is HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

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