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I have 6 times contacted your support center and asked for call backs from management to no avail. I have also emailed with no response and submitted info requesting response via website. All to no avail.
We planned a vacation to Aruba last June to go in January - confirmations six months in advance. Having never been to Aruba and having heard so much about it, we were all excited to go!
We were scheduled to leave on January 12th and return January 17th. Knowing this would probably be our only trip to Aruba, we planned the best we could. Reserved Ocean View Jr Suites at the Riu adults only all inclusive hotel. I've stayed at the Riu Paradise Island several times and have been quite pleased We had planned an early flight out of Boston so we would have the whole afternoon and evening in Aruba. Everything was set for a wonderful vacation!
So we flew down and went to the Riu to check in. At the front desk, they told us that they were overbooked and needed to send us to a different hotel - the Barcelo- which no one had heard of. We begged to stay there as we had booked with confirmation through Expedia six months prior! We were there before noon - couldn't they give us rooms and move the people to come later ?
No no nothing. I called the Expedia help line who said they had notified us by email - at 3 AM that morning! I am not on email at 3 AM! Nothing they could do for us.
The Riu manager insisted that we were actually being upgraded. The Barcelo was to be a better hotel and we would have upgraded rooms. So we went begrudgingly to the Barcelo. This was upsetting enough, but when we checked in, our upgraded rooms were the cheapest and worst in the hotel - basement floor overlooking the maintenance area! The beds were so small my sister and her husband could not even sleep together ( we had reserved King size ).
Not only were they the worst rooms - they were the least expensive so all our neighbors were families! We had intentionally reserved an adults only hotel. Instead we had kids running up and down the hallway and forget using the pool or whirlpools - just filled with kids playing!
Through all this we had lost the whole day !
The restaurants at Barcelo were terrible. After trying 2 - we decided we had to eat out instead - obviously a significant expense!
The Riu provides free non motorized beach sports equipment and free wifi - we were charged for both at the Barcelo. They do advertise free wifi - you can do 1 hour per day in the lobby only. I had to pay $12.00 per day - per device - separate charges for cell phones and iPads !
Cost per person differential between rooms/hotels - $300 per night x 5 nights x 3 people - $4500
The rating of the Barcelo on your own site is 3 while the Riu is over 4.
Although we were given a voucher for a return trip to the Riu - that's well and good, but we still need airfare, expense money and vacation time! We are not sure we want to return - who knows what will happen next!
We all saved for a year for our wonderful trip. We booked thru Expedia, as I had several times before, so we could be confident all would go well. Instead we had the most disappointing vacation ever. My sister called and complained and they offered a $100 hotel credit thru Expedia. That is insulting to begin with and useless to us as that is the one thing Riu promised us. Better yet, after complaining they offered me $50 coupon. Our trip cost $6, 485!
We have done a lot of business with Expedia over the years and feel strongly that you should step up and make this up to us - at least help us with a return trip.

Apr 27, 2017

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