Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield / refusal to allow a policy change to a lower cost policy

NY, United States

My name is Donald Deschene [protected]) I am a small General Contractor in Little Falls NY. I currently have health insurance coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The policy costs $1371 per month. With the business climate as it is, I can no longer afford this policy. I asked BCBS to change my current policy to a similar policy offered at $800 per month. I was told that their "Senior Management" does not allow such changes at this time, but may allow such changes in the near future. I was required to provide a formal letter of request, on my letterhead, signed by me. Such a change is of no effort to them, only a little paperwork. They wouldn't even take the time to give me a formal response signed by someone in "Senior Management". I find this totally arbitrary, and obviously profit driven. These people know where I would stand on my own in the current open market, and have basically told me to pay up or do without. This is not only unfair, but outrageous to think this "Senior Management" can place such a burden on my family with no repercussions at all. All I am asking for is a cheaper policy. Please help me change their minds.

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