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My name is michael gaskin, school teacher living in lithonia ga. I am married with 2 children 4year old and 8 mth old. Credit scores 796, 800 respectively. Watching market low housing prices i decided to take advantage of this opportunity. It took me 4 months to find a home. I was preapproved through desktop underwrite with evolve bank & trust.
I am considered in the industry standards perfect borrower a+++ money in the bank, job stability, excellent credit, no loan / no debts except current home i live in. Therefore, no debt overload even if i purchase another home $120k - value of my current home plumetted $50k. I applied for a loan with evolve bank & trust august 2010 (Fha loan) . I cooperated with all their request including but not limited to proof children & marriage (Birth certificates, marriage license, ss numbers for children and wife) even proof that inlaw live in my home with us {a requirement for 2nd fha loan}. My wife was not on the loan. It took evolve bank 54 days to deny fha loan & switch loan from fha to conventional financing. Solid source realty sharell rogers reo specialist awarded us 3 extensions on purchase contract to no avail. My agent margaret blackman - integrity one realty was in constant communication with the bank and listing agency plus closing attorney for seller. Solid source realty listing comp. For bank owned / fanniemae property could not hold this house off the market indefinitely for me or the evolve bank. My agent called, evolve bank vp mortgage division jeff keuhn, who deferred her to vp lpo (Loan production office) sally woods, john linville, jim boggs sales manager, robert anderson branch manager and back to eva sleeper loan officer - made everyone aware that i was in jeopardy of loosing my earnest money, home inspection, appraisal, termite inspection & termite bond money ($4500) . My agent was told by eva loan officer "to stop calling jeff keuhn or sally woods & to get her agent under control. " they were given ample time to close this deal and evolve bank and its representatives were negligent. They were having a record breaking 2 months with purchase and refinances and i was suffering at their hands. While they made plenty of money i lossed. Nobody cared what happen to me or my family. (I had a renter for my current home who had to go find another place to live at the last minute) . They had no answers for me. End result loan was finally approved nov 3rd 2010 conventional financing but the house was no longer availavle and went under contract almost immediately our contract extension expired. Solid source kept my earnest money and i was at a loss in everyway. Fanniemae owned property 800 deerfield ct stone mountain ga 30083 was no longer my dream home. We were packed and ready to move and planning on spending thanks giving with family and friend to bless our new home. All plans quickly came to a hault - depressed, dismayed, hurt and not ready to get on the back out there to look for a home because took me 4 months to find this one. There was no reason for this. . . I cannot afford to lose money in these hard times with teacher furlough, wife that does not work & young baby, especially when it was not my fault. Evolve bank did not seek or protect my interest. They did not live up to their standard of excellence superior service, where i was their top priority.

This bank motto "we are committed to being a responsible citizen and business leader while making available the highest quality financing service based on sound & stable policies. It is our intent to benefit our customers & the community we serve. We will strive to provide you peace of mind & that assurance that you are getting the most for your money. Efficient effective service you will realize the benefits of our personalized approach which is based on your needs & feel confident you will sense the honor, integrity & professionalism - cornerstones of our firm. At evolve bank & trust you are our top priority. Superior service is our standard. "

Help me clark howard!

Michael gaskin
[protected]@netzero. Net

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  • Ja
      Nov 19, 2010

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  • Ch
      Jan 14, 2011

    Hi Michael,
    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I recently refinanced my Dallas, TX condo through Evolve Bank & Trust, and while the loan went through fine (thank goodness) and my loan was immediately sold back to Wells Fargo, I've had difficulties with them since then. The loan officer in Carrollton wrote me (I saved the e-mail) that I would be receiving my last payment from my previous loan back from Wells Fargo; the timing of my decision to refinance was partially based on this. I did not receive it back. I went back and reviewed the loan documents, and he was wrong. He called to apologize saying that he did not remember writing this and no longer had the e-mail (these days, I find that hard to believe; as an architect, I save all e-mails). I decided not to pursue the matter further...mainly because I doubted I could get that money from them and thought it would be better to just let the matter drop for my own peace of mind. Then I just received a letter requesting a payment for the first payment on the new loan (I owed them one payment before the loan was sold to Wells Fargo), which I sent them over a month ago. I just checked BOA online, and the check was deposited over two weeks ago. At best, they are incompetent. I just looked them up on the Better Business Bureau website and was surprised to see that that they have an 'A+' rating. I would suggest that you file a complaint with the BBB about your experience.

    Best Wishes,

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  • Ad
      Mar 03, 2011

    HI Michael-
    Here is my opinion about your compaint:IF Everything it's true what you said about going FHA in the first place and you have enough money down payment why you are not going Conventional in first place ? why FHA? If the property was sold the REO agent must return your Earnest Money..I dont think it is the Bank fault, it is your fault by listen to a REO agent without have a second opinion unless you agree that the earnest money will be payble to the seller.
    The Bank have done their job right it is not the bank fault it is your fault by listen to your awfull REO agent...You better have a compaint about that to the Real Estate Board about it. I would like to hear back from you.
    Best Regards,

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  • Ee
      May 17, 2011

    I have to agree with Adriana. Why didn't your reo agent return you earnest monies? By law, if the transaction didn't proceed they are required to return all earnest monies. Something seems a little strange, Your pushing a lot of blame on the bank yet none on your agent. You never gave the reason why fha denied the loan. From my experience, fha has more relaxed guidelines then conventional loans, i.e higher ltv's, lower credit score requirements, etc. Was the property located in a non fha approved area or complex? If so, once again your Realtor should have been aware. There seems to be holes in the complaint. Not sure of the merit, they did provide an approval for you. Just a little confused why? Just my opinion. Eric

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  • Jo
      May 18, 2011

    I had very bad experience with that bank evolve bank and trust!!!
    My advise go to anyone beside that bank!!! they are providing good customer service, very bad service etcccc

    A worst mortgage banker is better than evlove bank and trust!!! I do know few people first time home buyers they had lost the earnet money because of a very poor and bad management!!!

    Run from evolve bank and trust!!! recomend proficio bank alias proficio mortgage for every one needs!!!

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  • Bb
      Jul 20, 2011

    This Bank Evolve bank and trust is the worst to do business with.
    I have been trying to refinance my house with this bank and after they told me that i would have
    no problem refinancing and after they asked me to pay 350.00 dollars for an appraisal and an additional
    80.00 dollars for a payoff fee to my current mortgage company, at the end they are unable to refinace my property and right now I am out all this money and not very happy.

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  • Ba
      Sep 21, 2011

    Evolve bank and Trust is a shady organization...i have been trying to get approved with a VA loan since May and every day I am called and asked to supply more paperwork and this or that is holding up closing...I now am having to pay the seller of the home I live in and am trying to buy a $100 a day until we close... not fair to me or the seller since the bank is at fault... I too have called everyone at the Memphis office to try and get help and again have been told there is nothing they can do it takes time... I am sitting and waiting now to see if my loan even goes through at this point...I am sure that if they can find a reason they will to not approve me even though I have great credit...If I did not have to pay $100 a day to live in my current house I would pull everything and start over but I am not made of money and cant afford to start over at the daily rate I am being charged... I will tell everyone I meet and know from this day forward how awful this company is and not to do business with them ever. Tulsa, OK

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  • Ma
      Sep 23, 2011



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  • Na
      Mar 13, 2012

    I feel your anguish, michael.
    Superior service is our standard."
    They should change their motto.
    Hope you found someone worthy to work with in your dilemma.

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  • Jm
      Jul 11, 2012

    The buyers for our home are using Evolve in Worcester, MA and they were missing tax documentation which they are now clearing up. I was told to contact their mortgage agent Chris who told me there would be no issues with our closing date on 7/13/12 and to keep our movers booked and to move forward with our arrangements. He had also told me he had ordered transcripts from the IRS and this was a lie. Our closing is delayed and his wrecklessness has cost me money, caused me anguish, and may end up costing me the home my wife and I intend to purchase. If this happens, I am contemplating legal action.

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  • Ga
      Jul 29, 2012

    Evolve b&t is truly a scam. we are to close on our home by august 3rd and on july 27 they call and say well... they want additional income verification for five (5) additional hours of work and state without we will not qualify. we used lending tree to source a lender and they blew up the phone and email trying to get us to work with them. now.. you can't get a return call from them. heck, they even called us on sunday's, yet I try to contact colin macgruder on sunday via his cell phone and he ignors the call. the seller has allowed us to take possession early as we had to vacate our rental property by months end as we gave notice the first of july because evolve stated "we're good." now all of our belongings are in the garage of this home and we are praying mondat (07/30/2012) all will work out. if not we have to vacate, put our belongings into storage and what??? we have no place to live. I will agree with other comments posted, they are quick to get you to give a cc number so they can charge you $490 for an appraisal. find a local lender to deal with. while evolve has an office in tulsa, ok they are apart of a cash machine. suck you in with promises, then blow you off. you are just a file, not a person or family of five like we are. three children. they could care less. lesson learned.

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  • To
      Oct 07, 2012

    Too bad none of you had a good personal realtionship with your local bankers. all of this trouble could have been avoided. most people who use a good reliable bank, will also take advantage of good mortgage services. really... using lending tree to source a lender? how dumb is that? your pregnant girlfriend (gary bradford) has lived in that area a long time, she should have already had a great relationship w/her banker. it was probably your insecurities and paranoia that kept her from using a long time banking relationship to finance her home - the one you live in while evading child support payments for your first two children (owing over 46, 000.00 in back payments), and shamefully trying to take custody of the third child you fathered, while wating for your fourth child to come along. get a job! get a life! hey - maybe you should get a ged!! home buying process is confusing for those who have never done it before... people like you gary!

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  • Da
      Oct 16, 2012

    I too had a bad experience with Evolve. Only reason we had to use them is because our credit union and bank both needed 45 days to get us to closing. We only had 30 days to work with. Evolve PROMISED they would get us funded in 30 days, no problem. Ended up that we could've gone with either the credit union or bank because our closing was closer to 45 days than 30. Paid WHOPPING closing fees. Got to closing and the paperwork was incorrect. We did not want our insurance and taxes rolled into our payments, but they were. Now we have been working for a month to get that corrected. Being told we have to wait until our mortgage is sold before it can be changed. If anyone tries to refer you to Evolve for any reason, run as fast as you can!!!

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  • At
      Dec 10, 2012

    I did my mortgage loan with Dave Scully of Evolve Bank & Trust in Cincinnati Ohio. he thoroughly explained what where the best mortgage products for me & why. The process was seamless! Dave was always there coaching me through the process & regular updates on the status of my loan. No one could ask for more! We are very pleased!

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  • Li
      Jan 31, 2013

    I agree, RUN as fast as you can from evolve bank. I am out 500 dollars because they told us we were a shoe-in for the loan, good credit score and income. Said to hurry and get the appraiser out here so we could get the process moving. After doing just that, suddenly we didn't hear from them for 2 weeks. When I finally called to see what was up, they said a problem on our credit from almost 7 years ago showed up and they couldn't give us the loan, although, amazingly could give us an FHA for more money. When I asked about the 500 he said it was non refundable but would have been if they had done the verification of mortgage prior to the appraisal. Umm, why would you tell someone to hurry up with the appraisal and tell them the loan is a done deal before actually checking the things that will affect the loan? I feel I was duped and don't have 500 dollars to throw away. I urge anyone considering this bank to beware. The guy I worked with was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. That changed when he left me a curt voice mail to let me know we were no longer a " shoe-in"

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  • Ab
      May 06, 2013

    i am still in process with this bank and they are taking for ever i have been with them 45 days and they keep asking for more papers they never answer the phone . i just don't wont to start all over . aim in grand rapids mi should i just go to some body ales.

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  • De
      Jun 17, 2013

    I contacted the better business bureau today because I thought Evolve Bank and Trust was a scam. I asked for an estimated loan payment. After I received it, I told the representative his company was in the running. I was waiting to hear from the other banks. The "consultant" actually asked me to provide my SSN... OVER EMAIL!!! When I told him that was absolutely ridiculous, he told me to "Take me off your list. I can already tell I don't want to work with you." I've never encountered such unprofessionalism from any bank representative. When I told him I would speak with his supervision about this, he sent back an email and told me he owns the office! I told him he answered to someone. That "someone" turns out to be all of you who read this. Without customers, no bank can succeed. I am completely fed up with all establisments who make money off of me and then treat me poorly! I'm very glad they never got a dime from me... and they never will!!

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  • Ha
      Nov 12, 2013

    Michael why are you complaining about going from an FHA loan to a Conventional Loan? You claim you are an A+++ borrower so why go FHA? FHA is for borrowers with lower credit scores and higher DTI (debt to income). FHA loans you have to pay upfront MIP and MIP over the life of the loan. So FHA wouldnt be a good loan in your case. Now for everyone else bad mouthing Evolve Bank & Trust, if you had a bad experience its becauseof the Loan Officer you dealt with not the bank. If you didnt like who you were dealing with then ask to work with someone else. The other half of people that are bashing evolve your probably people from another mortgage company. Go with Proficio someone said? If you want to wait 6 months to get your loan closed then go with them, if you want to make a purchase on a home good luck their loan officers are so incompetent that they wont tell you not to open up new credit during the loan process. I had a friend that did a purchase loan thru them and he co signed on a car for his wife during the process it shot his dti's up and he had to be switched to FHA. I would recommend Evolve Bank and Trust for any of your mortgage needs they got my refinance done in 3 weeks because whatever they asked for i got it to them same day. If you argue or fight what is needed of course its gonna take a long time to get your loan done. If you fight or ask why they need certain documents they will explain to you why its needed they dont ask for things just to ask for it and no your idenity will not be stolen otherwise the bank is dealing with compliance issues.

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  • La
      Apr 01, 2014

    I had very bad exp with Robert Anderson loan officer /manager the unprofessional the back and forth the no organization interest rates fluctuating him and his excuses not knowing if loan approved still asking for paper wk after giving pre approval letter telling me not to get a inspection because the banks FHA appraisal go over him with fine tooth only to find out home over valued in price street links referred out FHA appraisal that did comps wrong not only to house having mold issues plumbing issue mixing fixtures and home selling at full mkt value I was about to make a big mistake filed complaint with Georgia appraisal waiting on feedback very stressful exp for first time home buyer I had to do my own due diligence oh by the way mr Anderson referred realtor Tracy woods and it just seem like everyone was on board to beat me out of my funds accept me

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  • Ro
      Sep 18, 2018
    Evolve Bank & Trust - Mortgage Services
    United States

    My only complaint is that I have no complaints. I am a disabled veteran who did a cash-out and my loan was processed smoothly and efficiently.

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