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I am not going to get to involved with this one, but if Everhome is the maintenance company for your loan I feel very sorry for you, I have been trying to get the Fannie mea and Freddie Mac Home modification loan after losing my Job. We submitted all the appropriate documentation they requested "To the best of our knowledge" and sent it to them numerous times as a matter of fact<br />
because they either keep losing it or misplacing it. After getting a call from their representative telling us we were approved for the loan<br />
two weeks later we get a call from one of their african american reps<br />
"Whom I have had trouble with before" and verbally told me that our loan in fact was not approved???? with absoluetely no explanation other then you are not approved??? it is specifically stated in the legal documents they sent us for applying for the home affordability & modification program, that if the modification is rejected they must submit it to you in writing. I informed the girl that it is not acceptable to just tell me over the phone that I did not get approved and I read her the stsement in the paper work that THEY sent me, that the information must be sent to me in writing. After requesting to talk to a superviser she proceeded to hassle me instead of transferring me as I requested and all she would give me at that point is a phone number<br />
to her supervisor to whom I have left a number of messages to return my call, and to this day I still have not received a call back from Everhome Mortgage Company. After getting off the phone with the african american representative, I had to call my Fiance home from work to try and call them back. She came home and called and did happen to get a helpful Caucasion lady to help her "BUT" she informed us that the account to modify our loan was canceled by the african american rep and she immediatly opened a completly new case so we have to start all over, only the new modified amount grew by $200.00<br />
per month. At this point it seems that a single rep has total control over your current and future payments?????? I have no other alternative but to think that this is a matter of discrimination, how can one person control my financial future in terms of the loan modification program when we are talking about ten's of thousands of dollars over the remaining term of the loan?? Now that we have been dealing with a new "HELPFUL" rep, I was rescently informed that appearantly this same african american rep noted on our account that she had tried to contact us and that she had left a message. "A Total Lie" we were home that entire day and never left the house. We also are able to print out a report of all incomming calls which there was not one from EVERHOME or EVERBANK as they show up on the caller ID. So now we are resubmitting all the documentation again to the best of our knowledge since Everhome Mortgage Company never gave us one shred of information as to why our loan was not processed<br />
even though we were pre approved and met all the mathematical requirements and to this day we still have no idea why we were not approved the first time???? and we are pretty confident based on the last go around that we will probably not be approved again. Why should they approve us if all that is required is to have a rep call you and tell you to bad so sad, "You are not approved". This rep that seems to be discriminating against us, since she seems to be the decision maker at Everhome Mortgage Company and has seemingly way to much power to choose who she grants modification loans to and in fact may in the end have caused us to lose our home and never had to give us one single reason as to why the loan was not approved. She was Rude and totally disrespectful from the word "Go", I also should not have to explain anything to her when I request a supervisor either. I am sorry, I am not a person that discriminates but in this case I can only assume the worst since she seems to have the authority to do whatever she wants with absolutely no explanation.

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  • Cu
      Aug 29, 2009

    I am sorry you do not like our African American employees. We do not discriminate.

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  • Kb
      Oct 16, 2009

    I too have had issues with Everhome. I have had to send in my loan modification application 3 times so far. The first time I sent it in to a woman in the loss mitigation department and after numerous attempts to talk to her on the phone and leaving voice messages to her I was finally informed that she no longer worked there and I would have to send my application in again. So I guess that means they throw out all the applications that she was supposed to work on and bad luck for the customers. The second time I faxed it in with the help of a non-profit organisation and when we still hadnt heard from them the non-profit called to find out that the fax number had changed. So we sent it in again. I got a letter that they needed my bank statements so I sent them in to one lady and it said to contact her with any questions. I recently called them to find out that that woman is no longer working on it and another woman was but now they had closed my file due to expenses exceed income even though my paperwork did not have that at all. I left voice messages again for both woman and I still havent heard back from either. I have never been called back from the loss mitigation department since May. Also the letter I received from them to tell me my file was closed was so brief that it doesnt answer any questions on how they come up with there findings and no one even signed the letter and there was no name on it! But they say to call if you have any questions, to who? The customer sevice department? Please! Its hard enough to try and keep your home as it is but when this is what you have to deal with how are you suppose to get any help!

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  • Ch
      Nov 27, 2009

    I know Erika is BLACK, she is a ### not because she is black but she is a racist pig... who lies to people... ### her! told my mom her payment would be 650 ended up being over 900.00 they never told her why til much later on.. they only make 1291 a month.. how you suppost to live on that ? ### ERIKA at EVERHOME... STUPID ###.

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