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EverHome Mortgage Company / Large Loss Claim

1 GA, United States

My wife and I were unfortunate victims of a tornado. The damage was all assessed and my insurance company issued our check. Unfortunately, our mortgage is owned by Everhome. The process sounds very easy and our neighbors are also going through the same process with their mortgage company. The problem is, Everhome is one of 2 things, CROOKS or just simply a bunch of IDIOTS. We were instructed to fax our contractors bid signed by ourselves and the contractor and the insurance adjusters claim and they will disburse the monies in insatallments. Well, getting the first check has been a nightmare. The first 6 or so times we tried to fax the docs, we had trouble getting thru because the fax number was busy. I called to find out if there was another fax number we could try, we were told no, keep trying we are recieving alot of faxes today. Finally we got it to go through, but we couldnt follow up that day because it went thru after 5 p.m. when no one was in the office. The next day we called to follow up and were told they never recieved the fax. I spoke with a gentleman named Todd and I told him we were having trouble with the fax going thru and it rings busy all day long. He said "thats strange, that is an electronic fax so it should never ring busy". I told him it was ringing busy and was just told the day before that it would ring busy if there was a lot of activity on it. I asked him if there was a different fax # to try and he gave me one. I then asked if I could just deal with him and he said yes, just ask for me when you call. We then faxed 20+ pages to the second # and of course it rang busy. I called the next day and asked for Todd. Todd was convienently at lunch when I called and was told to call back at 3 p.m. that day, Todd should be back from lunch by then. So, 3 p.m. rolls around and I ask for Todd. Todd is gone for the day. My wife finally got the fax to go thru and we called to verify, nothing went thru according to everhome. We ended up faxing 22 pages 12 times and 2 went thru and verified with fax transmission reports, but yet Everhome says they did not recieve anything. I assumed the fax was recieved since we had verification that it was, so i contacted them again. I told the girl we faxed all the documents they needed and i have confirmation that they were recieved, she put me on hold for 3 minutes to look over notes in the system. She comes back to me to inform me that they were waiting on a contractors signed bid and the insurance claim. I had to explain to her thats why I am calling. I faxed that I have verification that it went thrru just fine and I need answers as to why they keep telling what they need when i call and they have it all. She says we havent recieved anything via fax. I exploded on the phone out of frustration and used some heavy profanity. This girl starts chuckling. I said I know this may be funny to you but I am simply trying to fix my f'ing house that has been damaged by a tornado and everything was going good until Everhome got involved. She asked me if there was anything else she could do for me and i said are you kidding? The next day was Thursday and i was off work at home and thought this is a perfect time to fax and follow up. So i did and called right away and talked to a guy named Marco. Marco told me that the fax was recieved, but they still neede the signed bid from the contractor. I thought great another ### to deal with. I had to explain to him that i faxed 22 pages and it was part of that. He then says i have the page that is signed by all parties but the actual bid they need is itemized with the cost and what is to be done work wise. I said to him again, that is part of the 22 pages i faxed, keep scrolling thru your electronic fax abd the actual bid portion starts at page 4. "Oh, ok he says we also need the insurance ajusters claim as well. " Again I tell him to keep going beacause he will eventually find it within those 22 pages. "Oh okay here it is". He then proceeds to tell me the contractors bis may not be in correct form and may not be processed. I did everything in my power to not flip out this time, but made it clear I was disgusted, I simply asked him, "WHAT DO YOU F'ING PEOPLE CONSIDER A CONTRACTORS BID?" He says " well, I am not in processing, so I cant determine if this is correct or not" I say, "then why in the hell are you telling me its not correct?" He says well, it will be sent to processing and call back between 4-5 p.m. to see if it was accepted. UNBELIEVABLE!. I call back at 4:29 and ask the girl to check the status. She tells me they are still waiting for Contractors bid and Insur...I stopped her right then and there and told her to put me on hold for 2-3 minutes and read the notes. So she did. She got back on with me and told me yes, everything is in processing but we wont have a final word until tomorrow morning. OK i thought, the ball is finally rolling. I woke this morning to call them and get the good news that my first check is being release. Not so much. The girl (Andrea) tells me they are awaiting contractors bid and I stopped her right there. I explained the situation and she puts me on hold and gets back on to tell me processing takes 2 business days...EXPLODE. So here i am writing this complaint and i still have no clue as to what the holdup is. My home has blue tarpped windows a dumpster in my driveway and I cant get answers from my mortgage company. There are many other details I left out that has added to my frustrations. These are just the ones that come to mind while ranting and typing. So to say the least EVERHOME SUCKS...They can give a rats ### about their customer and someway they are making money offthis disaster and want to hang on to this money for as long as they is $30+ thousand dollars we are talking about. If there was a way I could sue for negligence, withholding or plain stupidity i would. Everhome is a disaster and they are CROOKS!

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