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everhome mgt / payments

1 Jacksonville, FL, United States Review updated:

first i was very surprised to find out that i was sold to this place; they have been nothing but killers of the American dream of homeownership in the USA; they have the high priced lawyers on call to send you letters and charge your account for there bill about payments that are late w/$2, 000.00 in late fees and even if you show were you paid they will say it came late and there lawyers it cost another $2, 500.00 to them and if you have a lawyer it will cost $1, 100.00 just for them sending your lawyer a letter to send to you. with everhome it does not matter if you verified the payment or not its about them wanting to take your home and they will trust me on that. i have contacted BBB, Washington dc, my state rep: nothing not one thing to help. hmc loan is for rich homes that cost $1.5mill or more they are the people that gets that help not people whom have gotten behind a month or two; and if you try and get there help using homeowner solutions gr you will get a letter you are denied i and they give you a relationship manager and phone but they are no help that keep going back to the letter your received telling you to short sale, deed-in-lieu or u can try homeowners hope/HUD Washington dc is a joke too. i wonder how many of them have gotten there home saved using this money. u see life is about some people never owning any thing (people of color) to owning more then you need its like a man can only drive one car at a time and witch one TV story at a time. so with jobs at a low and poor people with out hope death is not to soon. just like me it i was dead i there is insurance to pay for my home. but everhome who checks behind them. you see rich people will put a little bit in your pocket if you look the other way. everhome got a lot of pockets. and this is just away to vent that's all nothing ever becomes of a complaint we are people they say just want things there way.

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      26th of Jan, 2013
    everhome mgt - 3 months late payments yearly
    everhome mgt
    United States

    if we all have some what the same problem with everhome mgt then why not print these out and mail them. threre is power in numbers. if it takes a #150 signed statements for a court judge to write and order to check there books/service/s, buying/repoting homes/s and ect...; i live for the day they come for my home as they have for the past 3yrs increase my fixed mgt payment; escrow changed a lot because of god's work leaving pople homeless and even death. but instead of them being human to us they right off go for our house/home. we buy these house/s in hopes of one day making it our home (welcome) but when you are made to feel that its just a matter of time bingo got another house under my belt. lets look at the board whoes in the lead if you have more then one child in home thats ext points on chart seak up. i am sure maybe back in the day they were not like this beccuase see you have to learn to walk up rigth by your hands/knees first in life and before that god went (poof) and you took you first air in this world.but now have become the hunters you against the gov: or ownership/land, homes, buildings, by any means. i am now broken hearted, saded, mindless, num, dum, and tired; there is no white night that will save us from everhome mgt company there is no lawyer in the world that would even question them about or compaint/s writting or other ways. u s thoes of us that complaint even for the betterment of our families first gods sees.if you wake up one gald morning and the sun still hits your face don't complain, walking, talkin, holding-wife, kids, long life live in, male, fmale, granny, mama, daddy, meal daily still.don;t complain; it may not be in our life time but just like i thought i never live to see a black president. things happen in there time. and if i want to keep this house i will keep paying the $2000.00yr ext because i am always for the past 3yrs going into 4th late payments were this late payment comes from i do not know. but its u stay u pay no pay no stay (asap) your friendly mgt company for all your needs but that of help!

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