Everest College / Lie and didn't keep up with their promises.

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I have decided to go to school to become a pharmacy technician, but i have a felony charges in the past, so when i visit the campus for the first time, i present my problem with the counselor and also hand him my expunged documents at the same time, and i ask if i take this class, is it possible for my license to be granted, and he response, sure, why not, your case have been expunged, and he assured me with the statement we will help you in anyway for your license to be granted, so i believed them and took the course it last almost 1 year, and i was an outstanding student and an embassador for the campus, straight a student on the campus, so i graduated in 2009. And i applied for the license immediately, pass the state board examination with 98% and waited for almost 2 years to hear from the board of pharmacy that my license being denied. So i request a hear with state board to find out why, and i went to school and ask for help to appeal my case, and none of them were offering to help me with anything regarding to this issue. I lost the appeal with the court, and i went to school and complaint about the situation and the president at that time offer me another course to make up, so i took electronic medical record course. And i was sucessful complete that course and there weren't any graduatiom ceramony for this course. Until today i am still unemployed wtth school loan debt that i am struggling to pay for. (I thought i was going to turn my life around for the best but it turned out to be opposite of that, my career been destroyed by everest college.

May 04, 2015
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  • Sh
      May 26, 2011
    Everest College - Harasment
    Everest College
    1815 Jet WING Drive
    Colorado Springs
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I have smitted a compliant to the FTC about Everest College. They have been Robo calling me and haninging up on me. 24/7. I'am done. They have refused to take my information down. Please help.
    I can show you my phone.

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  • Nm
      Feb 16, 2012
    Everest College - enrollment info
    Everest College
    United States

    I had went on their website for simple info concerning the fall semester 2012- have called me over 20 times, and hangup everytime i answer- this is ridiculous, when they are calling you as late at 10pm and hangingup, uncalled for! HORRIBLE DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!

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  • Ol
      Oct 05, 2012

    I can help you

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  • Jh
      Jun 08, 2013
    Everest College - bs college
    everest college

    I have graduated from everest college in feb 2013 as a physiotherapy assistant i got the diploma but until now no job i have taken loan about 13000 cad but no job how i will pay my loan.Before admission the recruiter was saying that we will help you to find a job but now no body care.

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  • Br
      Sep 01, 2013

    Everest College Mississauga: OSAP should blacklist Everest College

    Please go to the link below and sign a petition against Everest College

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  • Mo
      Feb 27, 2018

    My daughter went to Everest right after high school, she graduated & received a diploma & was promised a job. She went on two interviews & did not get called back. Now she has a student loan from Sallie Mae for $11, 000 that she has been paying on. She only had one payment left. She filed her taxes this year & was expecting to get them back but they were taken for the student loan for the year of 2015. She was not in school at that time. She had her purse stolen in 2015 & was reported and fraud alert put out just in case anyone used her information. She is a single mom w/three little girls & no money to move on or get a newer car. She is stuck. The college she was going to shut down shortly after she attended. Can anyone give me advice on what to tell her to do?

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