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At Everest College we endeavor to relay to students the importance of professionalism. One of these points would be that if a student has a complaint or concern that they address it with the individual it is appropriate to complain to. In this manner the concern can be properly addressed. To post on a virtual bulletin board is not fair as it has not been directed to the individuals that might be able to rectify or even verify that the complaint is true. In the working world, this is how business is done. The complaint I viewed was 2 years old and although had detail, it is unfair to publicy criticize others when there is no avenue to express the other side. This college takes its students seriously, and the educational process seriously. I encourage my students to express all comments and we deal with them as they arise. Prospective students should think about what they are reading and whether it reflects the truth or not.
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N  6th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I find it humerous (and quite suspicious) that a college representative would reply to a post online (with or without corporate approval). I spent a TON of money for a BAS in legal studies to get no job placement help AND now am getting ignored regarding pursuing my Master's program because Everest helped me get $664 too much in undergraduate funding. No one returns (or answers) my calls and/or emails now. Funny, ...they were hot to talk until we hit a little snag that the school should be advocating to help fix if they really want more of my money. But OOOPS...they might get looked at a bit too closely if they try to help. Thanks for nothing Everest...I see how this game is played...I look forward to the lawsuits and investigations that shall be forthcoming as more and more people are fed up.
N  13th of Dec, 2010 by    -1 Votes
For those of you that are having problems, it should be known that the only way to solve them is not by complaining and construing information about the school you attend or attended but by being professional and replying to the appropriate dept about the problem(s) that are arising and trying to solve the issue in the appropriate manner without being rude. I have been with the college for almost a year with no problems. If I have a problem with someone or something then I contact the person I need to speak to without being rude and irritating. I have had my problems dealt with effectively and quickly without hesitation. I've been able to research various issues on my own and receive assistants when needed. Obviously the people complaining haven't been able to deal with the issues in an effective manner and by doing so have put them selves in the situation that they are now in. If I ever have a problem that I can't get help with I will call and see what can be done to help assist me with my issue. This college has been helpful and forthcoming with every problem I've ever had. They helped with my MPN and my FA with no issues what so ever. If they weren't a creditable college FA would not finance the education that the people attending are receiving in the first place.
N  19th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
And what should one do when all of your avenues have been exhausted. I have been trying to strainghten something out with Everest and no one has the decency to get back to me. They are the most unprofessional organization I have ever dealt with.
N  22nd of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Funny, Everest only wants to talk to you when it's convenient for them. Obviously this college is the biggest joke with the worst reviews if they have to PAY PEOPLE to come onto these complaint boards to post nice things about the school. You people are pathetic and I hope working for Everest reflects negatively on your resume.
N  9th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I attended Everest North York campus for the Health, Fitness and Nutrition consultant, recently I graduated with a 92% average. Most would think that this is great but they would just be looking at the numbers. I was in class for 52 weeks, I had a teacher for 5 months who literally copied all of her notes from the textbooks and knew nothing of anatomy, physiology or biomechanics...so she just gave us the exam answers! When asked a question she would look for several minutes then say "I don't know but I'll look it up." and then always forgot to. She was a very nice person but a really bad teacher, several of the students complained, including me and there was never any outcome. I have graduated at the top of my class feeling inadequate and unqualified; needless to say I will be attending a REAL school for the exact same thing this coming fall. I am so ashamed that I was doped and gave triple the tuition to a school that taught me nothing and now I have to go to school for 2 more years and pay tuition all over again. The certification and information they offer is available for $400 and a week-end of your time through Can-Fit-Pro, my advice to anyone considering this course is to save the time and money and do it that way…or if you are like me and want to learn all you can go to Humber or George Brown, DO NOT GO TO EVEREST!
D  10th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Well, a few things stick out to me here. I have not gone to Everest personally. I ALMOST went, for Medical Office Administration. Luckily, I did not as I was not elegible for OSAP without lying. (Which, by the way, they tried to get me to do...) The course was insanely overpriced, more than 3x of a comparable course at a "real", government funded college. (I chose Centennial College for my studies.) The fact that if you type "Everest College" into Google, the first "suggested search" adds the word SCAM to the end, speaks volumes.

The staff are less educated than kindergarten teachers. You have to go to UNIVERSITY, for YEARS, to teach 5 year olds how to glue macaroni. Instructors at Everest really need to do no more than graduate Everest's program or work in the field for a few years. It's a disgrace.

All these people would not be complaining for no reason. No other school has such a rotten reputation as CDI/Everest. Why? Because they earned it through shoddy teaching and shoddy practices. I have to bite my tongue SO OFTEN when people tell me they are going to this school. I don't want to seem a know-it-all, but an Everest diploma is not worth the paper its printed on.

I know a few people who have completed. One finished a paralegal course, and works at Dairy Queen. Another completed dental assisting and now cuts hair at Wal-Mart. Another who did dental assisting who works at a used appliance store. Get my drift?

They accept people into their courses who can barely formulate a sentence, throw a bunch of information at them, and call them a "dental assistant". I sure as hell wouldn't let any Everest grad anywhere near my teeth! I know of two more family members currently enrolled. I have to bite my tongue. One in massage therapy who complains about the instructors, another who is dumber than a bloody doornail but is going to be a "dental assistant". God help that persons teeth.

Point being, go elsewhere. There are legitimate colleges that have flexible hours who are more than happy to work with a willing individual.
D  19th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. I have been an exemplary student, on the presidents list, and was voted in January and February by the rest of the class for PRIDE. I started the massage therapy program in December. I just withdrew in March from Everest College's Massage Therapy program due to a situation that occurred the very first week of instruction. I was approached in the parking lot by a student. He wanted my phone number and asked me to come to his home for dinner, that he was having problems with his wife and just needed someone to talk to. He was aware that I was married because on the very first day of class, we went around the room and introduced ourselves. I said, "I am happily married, have two children, and two dogs..." I told him, first of all, my husband would not appreciate that and second this is not appropriate. I went to the director of the massage therapy program and told her that this student approached me, what he said and how I responded. She told me she can't kick him out and that I probably misinterpreted his intention. She further stated, "you are an adult, deal with it". Mind you, during lab, we are working on one another, naked, with only a sheet to cover our private areas. I was forced to work with him in lab and allow him to massage me. He was not getting the techniques, he was rubbing and caressing, not using the techniques as learned while the instructor watched as I squirmed. This student constantly asked me why I wouldn't talk to him. You would think he would have got the message, but he obviously has boundary issues. Fast forward to March. I overheard him telling another student that he was going through a divorce and that he would like to have her number and "go out". Having studied with her for the past three months, I knew how she was going to respond. She told him no. At that point, I had had enough and said "(name withheld), I am sorry you are having problems with your marriage, but you need to go home and fix your marriage and stop bringing your personal problems to school. This is not the place. The very next class day, I was approached by the director of massage therapy and my instructor, taken to her office and threatened. I was told that there had been complaints about me. I was then treated like a five year old and put in the corner against the wall. I am appalled at the way this was handled. I went to the President, Terri Hines, to file a complaint and was questioned and treated like a common criminal. I went to the police and am filing complaints with everybody and their brother! SICKENING!!!
N  15th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Everest is run by idiots for idiots, I graduated top 5% of my class in Network Admin. its been 1 year and no help from these idiots to getting me a job . It took 6 months to get my Diploma and 11 months to get my vouchers and then they tell me that I waited to long and I would have to pay for the vouchers myself. I just finished paying 19, 000 dollars to these IDIOTS and they have the nerve to say they would only pay for 2 of the 5 vouchers. I am in the process of forming a class action suit against Everest. So last but not least the instructors in our school (Ontario East Campus) not one of them is certified to teach .It says in there contract that if your instructors are not qualified to teach your program you are entitled to a full refund of your money. Everest is an American company scamming the Canadian people and our government allows them the operate this way. While I was attending Everest all the lab equipment was at least 8-9 years old if not older . The funny thing was one of our teachers if you can call them that was a graduate from a medical class at Everest and he was teaching my class with not 1 certification, how is that possible . Everest just cares about one thing MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY . YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL . THIS SCHOOL BY FAR WAS THE WORST I HAVE EVER ATTENDED. YOU GUYS AT EVEREST SHOULD BE SHOT FOR STEALING MONEY FROM CANADIANS.
A  2nd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Everest is not a good school. I am attending now and have been totally thrown around!!! I never get any help from financial aid about my loans that have not yet been Disbursed. They talk to u like u are 5 or 6 years old. You have to do so many things within one week!! I also learned that I have an extra loan out that I knew nothing about. Now I am trying to get out of this bad situation and enroll into jr college in my city and I can't. Also the same course at the jr college ony calls for a pell grant which doesnt have to be paid be back!!! Everest took 3 loans and a pell grant!!! Do not sign up for this school and I've tried addressing the right person with my problems but no return calls or e-mails so whoever made the comment of addressing the correct person should be ashamed of themselves!
N  7th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Do Not Go To Everest College... This is the worst school you could ever go to.. the teachers are the biggest dummies ever and you are only wasting your time and money, to sadly admit your Diploma is from that place..
N  19th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I recently thought about making a new career path and checked out this school just last week for the dental assisting program. The school campus itself is fairly one year and half new and seemed to me to be a okay despite the fact that its located in Green Briar Mall of parking lot of Atlanta. I am not so keen on that area of town. They took me on a tour. As I walked around the instructors looked more stranger than anything. But at the very end of my meeting with the counselor(and I hadn't even yet decided that I was going to make a decision on spot to go there) she urshered me straight over to financial aid which I thought was kind of quick. With that being said they only gave me an estimate of what the program would cost because I said that I had to rush off. I was already there near two hours just to discuss the program. Class starts March 27th; I have applied finished my financial aid and listed Everest but after finding this complaint board today I don't think this will be a great move in school choice so after today I will be looking elsewhere.

I just found this complaint board this morning. I have since completed my financial aid app and have no problems with getting grants and loans.
N  30th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
Almost finished the program and still no Pell Grant. I am afraid this school is stealing it from me. I hope to get some help from the 1-800-FED-INFO. They tried to talk me out of receiving the extra funds to the point it was suspicious. They also lied about providing free continuing education classes and discontinuing day classes so I would sign up for night classes. Neither of those were true, and now I'm wondering if they changed my paperwork.

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