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I am concerned about the types of commercials that Everest College portrays on national television. They place minorities on television speaking of success while wearing attires that resemble gangsters with hats worn sideways on their heads and/or sitting in a living room on a beat down couch in a depressed state. A Hispanic Female portrays that she was elated to have attended college because she needed the money I have never heard of any college that would immediately pay anyone for a job prior to their getting trained. False advertisement. I feel that the commercials should be closely monitored for authenticity. People are paying top dollar for this college, and if their monies are being spent in vain then this should be corrected. Times are much too difficult for these types of discreditation.

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  • Mi
      Aug 13, 2009

    I graduated from Everest in Arlington, Texas in 2007. The education you receive at this school is not worth the hundreds of dollars they charge you to go there. In some classes I would have a new teacher ever week and we would start from the beginning each time we had a new teacher. I recently went back to get a transcript and the people working in the office were teachers I had when I was there and they now register new students...I needed a transcript with my enter exam scores on it and they told me that they couldn't print it on my official transcript because they got a new software program and they couldn't do, I showed them a copy of a transcript a got when I graduated and it had those test scores on it...she quickly told me that they weren't allowed to give out that information to me...When last year she was the same person who gave me that information on an official transcript. This school is a total rip off they don't help you. They aren't there for the students they are only there for the money. I am going back to a real college and none of my credits transfer. If any of you are looking into this college please get some information at a community college first they offer the same classes for less money and the teachers are more professional, they know their stuff, and are willing to help you accomplish your goals.

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  • Aa
      Sep 10, 2009

    The commercials are ridiculous! I'm in the Burr Ridge campus and never saw the commercials till about two weeks ago. They had some ghetto girl saying how this school "changed her life." Yeah right, this school give you more stress due to the students.

    People here are ghetto so that commercial was somewhat right. As for the education, not worth it. And I was told that they raise the tuition every month, what for? Crap?!

    I can't believe I am here but I needed to change my career. As long as you focus on your goals and it'll be difficult to ignore the loud people around you but be selfish. Those people may be your employees someday!

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  • Fe
      Feb 16, 2010

    Everest College uses REAL students, not actors in their commericals.

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  • Ci
      May 03, 2010

    Some lessons Ive learned after having been screwed by a "business/career/trade" college.
    1)If the school is Private, stay away from it
    2)If the school is for-profit, stay away from it
    3)If the school offers people the ability to finish a course offered at a public college or university in less that half the time it normally takes, stay away from it
    4)Do the credits transfer to other PUBLIC colleges and Provincially funded universities? if not, stay away from it
    5)are there multiple posts about the institution on educational forums and on the internet in general that are negative in nature, if so, stay away from it
    6)Does the school offer job placement assistance, guaranteed high paying jobs after graduation, scouts/employers from companies that come to the school to look for grads, a 70-90% graduate employment rate and a whole bunch of other really over-the-top gurantees?!, if so, stay away from it
    7)Does the school have multiple "campuses" spread out all over the country?if so, stay away from it
    8)Is the school on the third floor of a scummy building? if so, stay away from it
    9)Does the school seem to change names every couple of years? If so, stay away from it
    10)Does the school go through a constant change of instructors and management? If so, stay away from it
    11)Does the school employ ex-grads as teachers?, if so, stay away from it
    12)DO they advertise on tv, have a 1-800 number and do they have glossy print ads? If so, stay away from it
    -If I wouldve had a list similar to this before I enrolled in that institution, I wouldve thought twice about making said decision

    Just because a business calls itself a "university" does not mean it is a UNIVERSITY
    Bottom line:DO YOUR RESEARCH!!


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  • St
      Jul 21, 2010

    I disagree with all of you're comments... they never say that they are going to place you in a job or make you think all are just haters and you all had bad teachers... so far i have been on 3 interviews and my CSR has helped me every step of the way... As for my teacher she is amazing, outgoing and she has the worlds biggest heart ever. Maybe you all should come to Oregon and go to school where i went it changed my life forever and i would tell anyone to go their.

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  • An
      Oct 24, 2013

    @ Stephanie Unger...

    It's "there", not "their".

    Good education.

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