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I applied to Everest College to do the ADDICTIONS COUNSELLING course offered. Upon completing the "evaluation" for entrance, I was told I scored very high, making me feel very proud, until I soon realized, everyone else in the school were pretty much told the same. That was my first bubble to be burst.

So I settled into class thinking it would be a good experience. Soon I realized I would pretty much be teaching myself. My "teachers" (2 in the course of a year) had so much curriculum to teach in such a short time, we were basically expected to teach ourselves from the course books. This was frustrating considering we had an exam and assignments every week. That was my second bubble burst.

With Everest's 4 intakes a year (how often they bring in new students), the class was constantly disrupted. I was very disappointed to find students were allowed to BRING THEIR CHILDREN INTO THE CLASSROOM. Topics discussing adult addictions are not meant for children, and children are not meant for adult learning classrooms.

I was then told I needed to complete CPR and First Aid training, which I also completed with "exceptional grades" LOL. Now my confidence was soaring!!! Until I found out that they lost all paperwork showing I ever took CPR training. This took several months to straighten out. More and more bubbles bursting.

Then I was told they would do everything within their power to get me a placement, but just in case, I should do some scouting. Which I did. And they didn't. I ended up getting my own placement, luckily.

Then I wrote my final exam. Received a verbal invitation to my graduation, and then was told there was NO ROOM FOR ME TO ATTEND MY OWN GRADUATION. (Which, by the way, was set up, served and cleaned up by the teachers.)

So thanks to Everest, I dished out $10, 000 and got NOTHING BUT DISAPPOINTMENT.

I NOW WORK IN AN ACCOUNTING JOB (that, I might add, I found by myself), PAYING BACK $10, 000.

Thanks Everest.

- All Out Of Bubbles

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  • Pr
      25th of Feb, 2011

    grow up, I was in your class Christien.
    Everyone but you is happy

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  • Pr
      25th of Feb, 2011

    the course is Addictions and Community Services Worker
    NOT Addictions Counselling
    You need help befpre you can help others
    good luck hope you get some help sometime in the near futuer

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  • Ba
      27th of Jun, 2011

    Is Everest really as bad as everyone says it is O_O?
    I'm trying to sign up for it.. ECA.. so I can finish quickly... but your story kind of worries me... then again, I think ... what ever..
    so is it really this bad?

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  • Lo
      26th of Oct, 2011

    So far since I started Everest in September, it has been nothing but a bad experience for myself. All employees are very unprofessional! You can have a question, ask 10 people, 9 of them will refer you to another person and the 10th has no clue what you are talking about. They almost come across like a marketing company... they "sell" us. I am taking a course to become a Personal Support Worker, and have to hear good things from fellow students who have graduated from Everest in the same field. They are also horrible at problem solving, as my classroom has to be the most disrespectful bunch that I have ever met in my life time! As long as everybody is getting paid, it really doesn't matter how bad a situation is. If I had my time back, I would have never chosen a private college, expecting to be a bit more personal and less crammed then our "community" colleges, I honestly thought I would have benefited from this place! Now I'm just fearful of a debt that I will be struggling to pay! I would never recommend this school to anybody who is wanting to make a positive change in their life to provide for themselves and or their families. JUST GO TO SHERIDAN COLLEGE, they cost thousands of dollars less and also guarantee 100% hiring success rate from your placement!

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  • Un
      27th of Jan, 2012

    Wow...after reading all the negative and the positive remarks about it makes me wonder if its worth signing up for the program and I was thinking of enrolling myself with the Dental Assistant .I was at the Everest here in Brampton, Ontario just recently, and did sat down with the advisor, she was very nice and well explained, makes you want to go ahead with the green light, and when I finally met with the financial advisor, starts to explain me what my options are, and suggested me that Ontario Student Loan is the best option for me and by looking at the number's ( tuition) which is very heavy..I finally told them that I have to go home and think this fully before I make my decision. Let me do my research and let you know..and of course they wrote on the card the time and day for my next appointment to see them. So I told them I will get back with you.. Now I don't even know whether if its worth enrolling, its just gives me chill after reading most of the comments and reviews online...Is it worth going there? and pay $13, 000? is it guarantee that you will find placement/job after you graduate? I wonder and not sure...?????

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  • An
      27th of Nov, 2012

    Their service is the worst I have ever encountered...I went into the Brampton- Main Street Branch and waited for about 10 min. for one of their staff member ( Anamika) to finish a personal conversation on her cell phone to attend to us only to be told that I visit their website and get information, or we can wait about an half hour so she can take a break and then come back and answer our question...

    Worst service

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