Europcar (Via Holiday Autos)car hire

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Do NOT deal with this company. I was given a car with no spare wheel (and not advised of this) so when I had a puncture I had to wait over an hour for a pick up truck to transport me and the car (midday, no aircon!) for two hours. The car was then replaced (note the tyre note!). I then had a three hr drive back along motorway so lost the whole day. The replacement car (exactly the same model, WITH a spare wheel) had faulty air con and 3 hr drive back to airport was unbearable (37-40 degrees). Had there been a spare wheel the situation would have been resolved at the roadside and I would have replaced the spare wheel myself.

Got home and Europcar had taken 198 Euros from my CC. Wrote to holiday autos who were v unhelpful (apparently there had been an "on board repair kit - like a bycicle repair kit). After months if wrangling I wrote to CEO who reimbursed me some of the amount. Id told my craedt card co. who did a recall on the money and europcar were supposed to appeal within 45 days. We heard nothing so assumed the matter had been resolved until I received a demand from a credit recovery co. in italy for the amount plus interest plus admin charges (!) or else they would take legal action.

Sent copy registered to CEO holiday autos and a registered letter to Europcar Italy (who didn't respond.) Then a further demand in June. (who own holiday autos) wrote back and were quite helpful. Theyve managed to get the admin fee etc taken off but I am still having to pay the 150 Euros (although this should only work out at about 50-60 punds as already partial re-imbursement.) Absolutely disgusted with the whole process and will never deal with Europcar or holiday autos again.

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